UCLA Bruins move down, Oregon State up in Week 10 AP Poll

The UCLA Bruins are the biggest movers when it comes to going south this week. Meanwhile the Oregon State Beavers are the biggest movers north.

The UCLA Bruins had a terrible week in women’s college hoops. This time last week they were within the AP’s top ten. However, a 9-point loss to Washington State and a 12-point loss to Washington sent the Bruins tumbling. At 11-4 they fell 8 spots in the week-10 rankings and currently sit as the 17th ranked team in the nation.

Matters aren’t going to get much easier this week. On Friday, the Bruins will host the Oregon State Beavers, the team within the Top 25 with the most momentum right now. At the start of week 9, the Beavers gained 7 spots to jump up to 16th. They catapulted up again this week following two road victories over higher-ranked teams. First the Beavers beat California and then they beat Stanford. They gained an additional 6 spots in the rankings on Monday and currently sit as the 10th-ranked team in the nation.

Arguably,Β Oregon State were a bit shortchanged on Monday with only a ranking of 10th. This is a team that is 15-1, a record that is largely earned against non-contenders. However, they have three straight wins over ranked teams now, including a win over Washington very early this month. With their most recent wins coming on the road, I think that Oregon State have earned a higher ranking than what they currently got.

A ranking of 7th seemed more fair noting No. 9 Louisville’s 15-3 record, No. 8 Washington’s 16-2 record, and FSU’s 15-2 record. Louisville recently lost to No. 12 Duke, Washington have a loss to OSU directly, while FSU lost to unranked NC State last week.

Given the shortchanging it’s hard to picture the Beavers gaining too much in the weeks ahead. They have the UCLA game to try and tack on another road win. After that, OSU face USC however those are not top teams. Β Even if the Beavers go 2-0 this week, how much room for growth is there? If the voters saw an elite team with OSU, then they would already have Oregon State ranked higher. It seems that the Beavers will have to keep plugging away at their schedule and hope for teams ranked above them to lose to gain spots. In the long term, I do think that Scott Rueck’s club gets a two seed in March.

Shane Lambert