U.S. Short Track Speedskating Roster Announced

On Monday, U.S. Speedskating announced its rosters for the Short Track Fall World Cup team. Three Ex-Olympians will be making the women’s and men’s rosters for the team. The six-player team will compete in November in the first two ISU Short Track Speed Skating World Cups. However, one of the six skaters could be eliminated from the team afterward.

U.S. Speedskating starts filling out ISU World Cup team

After winning the Short Track World Cup Qualifier over the weekend, J.R. Celski, the three-time Olympic medalist, has become the star performer from the men’s team. J.R. Celski is joined by Adam Callister, Keith Carroll Jr., Ryan Pivirotto, John-Henry Krueger, and Thomas Hong.

After a four year retirement, Katherine Reutter, three-time Olympic medalist, returned to win the 1,500 meter race in 2:26.135. She was selected for the women’s team. Reutter had walk away from competition in 2013 due to her hip and back injuries. She had begun coaching in Milwaukee at the ASE Academy of Skating Excellence. Kristen Santos (2:27.064) and Kimberly Goetz (2:26.236) crossed the line after Reutter.

In addition to this, Jessica Smith-Kooreman, 2014 U.S. Speedskating Olympian, made the roster as well along with Katherine Ralston, and April Shin. Kimberly Goetz was the overall women’s winner last weekend.

Reutter was satisfied as a coach but her friends kept noting that she appeared happier when she was skating. Once the three-time U.S. Speedskating Olympic medalist learned to handle the injuries, the competitor inside her was ready to be unleashed as she slowly started training again in November. Now, the only challenge left for Reutter is to handle her mental habits. She needs to stay calm, and regulate her nervous energy.

Reutter said that she takes a win or die mentality, not even win or lose. She further told that winning or losing was quite personal for her.

“Today it feels very much like, thankful I even have the opportunity to win. I don’t have to win,” said Reutter. She also said that she loved to be in the top four players this weekend. She said that she feels really strongly about the U.S. having an amazing relay team again because since 2012, they have not won a relay medal. She concluded saying that she is really hungry for a relay medal.

Kimberly Goetz finished the 1,000 meter race with a time of 1:32.347, while the winner was Jessica Smith-Kooreman, who crossed the line in 1:13.910. Reutter crossed the 1,000 meter race finish line with a time of 1:33.366. Alex Izykowski, Women’s National U.S. Speedskating Team Head Coach, said it is exciting to see Katherine Reutter and Jessica Kooreman spearhead their women’s team into the World Cup season and assist in the growth of the rest of the team. Izykowski further added that from what they saw this past weekend, they have got a competitive women’s team with any of their women having the ability to battle in every distance.

John Sill