Seattle Storm’s Breanna Stewart Participates in Airport Protests

Stewart claimed that her “first protest was really inspiring” in a recent tweet from her verified account.

WNBA fans will remember some drama from last season when members of the Minnesota Lynx wore “Black Lives Matter” attire. A fine was issued to the players and then revoked. However, potential blowback for getting involved in politics hasn’t stopped WNBA rookie of the year Breanna Stewart from participating in the widespread protests against Donald Trump’s travel ban. Furthermore, the Seattle Storm, the WNBA team that Stewart plays for, have issued a supporting statement of their franchise player.

Stewart participated in a protest at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) recently. In a January 29th tweet she claimed “My first protest was really inspiring – to be alongside such a diverse group of people who care about other humans! #NoMuslimBan #LAX” (from verified Twitter account). Stewart had been playing in China recently, however she returned to the United States to recover from a recent knee injury. Her 2016 year was very successful on the courts as she won a 4th national title in college, a gold medal in Rio, and individual recognition in the WNBA.

On January 30th, shortly after a lot of Stewart’s social-media posts regarding her involvement in the protests, the Storm issued a tweet that read “We fully support our players’ voices in this very important discussion. As an organization we stand for inclusion and embrace all the freedoms our constitution affords, even as the leadership of our country seeks to reduce them” (Seattle Storm Ownership).

The issue at the heart of the protests that are taking place across the United States has to do with Donald Trump’s recent travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries for the next 90 days. The countries that are affected are Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia. But the protests that are taking place are not unusual for American society since Trump won the election back in November. Furthermore, celebrity participation is nothing out of the ordinary either as the protests seem to be firmly routed in diverse sectors of American society.

Shane Lambert