Ronda Rousey Returns to face Amanda Nunes at UFC 207

After months of speculation it has finally been announced that Ronda Rousey will make her much-anticipated comeback to the UFC in December.

Ronda Rousey has not stepped foot in the octagon since her brutal knockout loss to Holly Holm way back in November 2015. Ronda’s life seemed to spiral downwards after that fight , she stopped training and completely went into hiding from the UFC media. Ronda came out publically and talked about how hard the loss affected her  and how she was a victim to suicidal thoughts. Ronda doubted her abilities as a fighter and an immediate UFC fight seemed completely out of question.

The backlash she received from fans was immense. A lot of the backlash has to do with how she treated Holly Holm before the fight especially after the weigh-in when Ronda took to social media to vent her aggression. Ronda called Holly “fake” at the weigh-in and said on Instagram that Holly was a “fake humility b**ch” . This post by Ronda showed fans that she genuinely hated Holly and would prove to be a huge factor in the public’s abuse. The fact that her opponent Holly Holm is a kind genuinely good person made it worse with Holly refusing to say one bad word about Ronda leading up to and after the fight.

While Ronda was gone the women’s bantamweight division completely opened up with the belt changing hands twice. Miesha Tate who is regarded as Ronda’s nemesis because of their fighting history submitted Holly Holm at UFC 196 to win the title but then lost it when she herself was submitted by current champion Amanda Nunes at UFC 200 in July.

Amanda Nunes has recently voiced her opinion on who she wanted her first title defence to be against. Speaking to Amanda said:

“If they ask me who I want to fight, I’m going to say I want to fight Ronda. I’m not running from anyone, I’m the champion and I can choose who I’m going to fight. I will choose what’s best for me and Ronda would be ‘the’ main fight, that’s why it has to be against her, it has to be with Ronda.”

Now that the fight has been announced how do they match up against each other ?

Amanda is an elite striker, we’ve seen what she can do on her feet when she dismantled Miesha Tate in the first round of their fight before demonstrating her black belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills when she submitted Miesha just 3 minutes into the fight.

Amanda likes to be the aggressor, she likes to come forward and pressure her opponent. Ronda also shares this fighting style but I think Ronda will be more beneficiary from it. The first time Ronda came up against a passive counter striker was against Holly Holm and she was completely dismantled by her. Both fighters stylistically match up very well with each other which means it will be an exciting fight.

The big question is which Ronda are we going to get ?

If Ronda comes into this fight with a mentality of not wanting to be there and not completely focused its hard to see her coming away victorious. Fighters always talk about mentality, if you doubt your ability or question retirement  you should not fight. Saying that if Ronda comes into this fight like her old self-focused, motivated and the absolute killer that she used to be I think she finishes Amanda easy.

It will all come down to Ronda’s mentality, her biggest fight is against herself and the fight will be won or lost before she steps foot into the octagon.



Sean Walker
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