Petra Kvitova Tweets About Knife Attack in Her Home

The former two-time Wimbledon champion’s verified Twitter account has made some astonishing claims.

Petra Kvitova suffered a foot injury earlier this fall, one that required that she wear a brace for a little while as she recovered. However, the Czech player has suffered another injury – one that is far more malicious. According to her verified Twitter account, Kvitova was recently attacked in her home by a knief-wielding individual.

On Monday evening Kvitova announced that she wouldn’t be participating in the Hopman Cup. About  9 hours later she made the following announcement at her Twitter page: “Thank you for all your messages. As you may have already heard, today I was attacked in my apartment by an individual with a knife” (December 20th). She followed that up with a claim that she “was badly injured on (her) left hand” an injury that she called “severe.”

The incident took place in the Czech Republic, Kvitova’s home country. This is a developing story, but according to a BBC article on the matter the incident was described “as a burglary” (December 20th article, no author listed). The WTA posted a more-detailed article on Tuesday: “According to reports, a man was able to gain entry into Kvitova’s building on Tuesday morning by posing as a maintenance worker. Kvitova was able to fend off the attack but sustained severe lacerations to her left hand. The assailant has yet to be apprehended.”

The tennis implications do not seem minor based on Kvitova’s description of the injury and it is not surprising that the sportsbooks are lifting her odds for the 2017 Australian Open. For some it may bring back memories of Monica Seles being stabbed, however that was an on-court stabbing during a televised match. In this instance, Kvitova was attacked in her home and the injured area is much different. Hopefully Kvitova makes as speedy of a recovery as soon as possible, however an injury to the hand that is called “severe” certainly doesn’t sound good with more updates pending.

Shane Lambert