NBA Superstars Promote WNBA: Lebron James, Kevin Durant praise the women’s game

Caroline Starr is a former Division I basketball player and a Division II basketball coach as well as a life long basketball fan. Her hope is that someday her words provide future college student-athletes little nuggets of knowledge to help them through their college athletics journey. Please note, her expressed opinions are her own and do not represent the opinions of ASN.

NBA stars are showing some love for WNBA women.

Some of the NBA’s most recognized faces took part in a video giving the ladies of the WNBA congratulations, credit, and encouragement going into their 20th season. NBA stars Lebron James, Paul George, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Chris Paul took time out to make sure and show respect for their basketball counterparts and what they’ve accomplished in their league.

As a long time WNBA fan I think it’s imperative for the NBA to support the WNBA – and I’m one of those girls that doesn’t want the help of a man – but I love it when I see the fellas showing the women some love.

Most of the WNBA teams can be found in cities that also have a NBA team – and these teams build a certain camaraderie with each other that it’s only natural for them to come out to their games and build mutual respect. There’s always pictures showing the NBA players at the games and I think this is great for the WNBA. Already this season Dwight Howard has been spotted dancing with fans at an Atlanta Dream game. We now have NBA legend Magic Johnson playing an active role in promoting the women’s game. Even music mogul Jay Z saw potential in the WNBA and signed Skylar Diggins to his Roc Nation Sports.

All of this is great publicity and coverage that is lacking for the WNBA – there’s young girls out there that only have favorite NBA players because that’s all they’ve seen on TV and that’s a shame. These girls need to know Diana Taurasi (Lebron’s favorite player), Maya Moore (part of Team Jordan brand), Brittney Griner (she dunks, folks!), and Breanna Stewart (she just won 4 NCAA championships).

As young basketball players are growing up and working on their game they need to be able to see these women play basketball. They need to know how these women handle themselves personally and professionally. To me, well rounded basketball fans enjoy watching the NBA and WNBA, but sometimes you may not know who to watch. For those of you not familiar with the WNBA, I’m going to help you out here and give you a quick list of five players to watch.

  1. Diana Taurasi. If you liked to watch Kobe Bryant then you’ll love watching my favorite player Diana Taurasi. She can shoot the rock and she is fun to watch because you never know what she’s going to do.
  2. Sue Bird. If you enjoy watching Chris Paul then you should check out Sue Bird. She is a league veteran and still out there running the show. She is a brilliant ball handler and passer – and she can score, too.
  3. Elena Delle Donne. If Kevin Durant is your favorite player be sure to watch Elena Delle Donne. She’s 6’5” and can do it all. She can bring the ball up the court, shoot the 3, and post you up just like KD.
  4. Candace Parker. Is King James your favorite player? Then Candace Parker is your girl. She is an athlete and all around player just like the King.
  5. Minnesota Lynx. Well this is a team and not a specific player, but if you’ve love watching the Golden State Warriors then you’ll love the Lynx. The Warriors have the splash brothers and the Lynx have Maya Moore and Seimone Augustus.

Now that you know a few players to watch be sure and check the ladies out. There’s no more excuses! It’s time to show the women some love just like the NBA is doing.

Caroline Starr