Meisha Tate’s Next Opponent Is… Not Holm Or Rousey Or Cyborg.

Meisha Tate Fights Amanda Nunes In UFC 200.

The women’s UFC is something of a rock, paper, scissors fight show right now except now someone threw some water into the mix. Last month Meisha Tate fought a smart and skilled fight against Holly Holm and won. It was the kind of fight most expected to see from Ronda Rousey when she fought Holm. Unfortunately for Rousey, she didn’t remain as poised as Tate and instead seamed to resort to just bum-rushing Holm in the hopes she could reach her and get a take down. Tate played it smarter and didn’t let Holm’s striking shake her. She picked her moments to go for a take down and eventually she got the timing right and her position right and the match was hers. Tate is rightfully the women’s current bantamweight champion, but her next fight is confusing at the least.

The UFC just announced Tate would be fighting Amanda Nunes at UFC 200 in July. No disrespect to Nunes, but what happened to Holm and Rousey? Rousey is still the most popular female UFC fighter, Holm is still the fighter that shocked the world and knocked her out. Holm became an instant fan favorite or nemesis, depending on how you felt about Rousey. Meisha Tate went and showed the world what skilled grappling can do when she beat Holm. A weird but intriguing triangle has been established where Holm beats Rousey beats Tate beats Holm. Now Nunes is thrown into the mix. Is the UFC trying to squelch the press and excitement generated in the bantamweight division or is the UFC hoping the recent enthusiasm for the division will be carried over regardless of the names in the matchup? Is Holm being punished for not abiding by Dana White’s desire to wait to have her first title fight against Rousey? What about the recent addition of Cyborg to the UFC? If Nunes can put up a tough fight with Tate then perhaps the UFC has done what it’s sorely needed, created a thicker pool of talent in the women’s division. Let’s just hope for more good women’s fights and to see Rousey and Holm back in the cage especially now that Cyborg is lurking around the corner.

Lauren von Bernuth