Maria Sharapova’s Recent Social Media Posts and Return

Sharapova is constantly plugging for her candy as she counts the days down to her return to competitive tennis.

Maria Sharapova has been suspended for months now, missing a huge portion of the recently-completed WTA tennis season thanks to a positive test for a banned substance at the 2016 Australian Open (she was notified in March). Sharapova’s anticipated return to competitive tennis is 162 days from November 15th, at least according to a tweet that she retweeted a couple of days ago:

Maria Sharapova's retweet from a couple days ago.
(Maria Sharapova’s retweet from a couple days ago.)

Other than the retweet that counts down the end of her suspension and to her return to professional tennis, Sharapova has not tweeted much about tennis recently. There’s a post from several days back that shows her and German men’s player Tommy Haas on the tennis court, however that’s about it. Otherwise her recent ‘news’ is more like advertising: Sharapova is really pushing her Sugarpova candy brand onto her followers.

On November 13th she claimed that she was in Los Angeles’ airport and she took what might be a selfie with some Sugarpova sweets in the background: “A nice surprise before my flight” she wrote. Other recent tweets talk about time she spent in Dubai promoting her candy.

On the sports front there’s not much new with Sharapova since October when she saw her suspension reduced. She interviewed with Charlie Rose at about that time, an interview where she stressed that the substance she took was legal for her to take for so many years. She also pondered over how it was that knowledge of meldonium’s changed legal status ahead of the 2016 season escaped her notice.

Sharapova’s return date is April 25th, 2017, a return date that is in time for part of the clay-court season. With two career titles from the French Open, Sharapova might be a factor at next year’s Paris-based event however there are three major factors that will work against her. Firstly, coming back from a lengthy layoff is not simple. Secondly, Sharapova will be unranked and that could cause her major troubles in terms of her draws in all events. Lastly, who knows how she is going to play now that she can’t use a substance that she has used for several years.

When it comes to the betting odds for the French Open, the sportsbooks are agnostic on Sharapova. I couldn’t find a single firm offering a betting line on her for the event despite eligibility.

Shane Lambert