Lindsey Vonn Breaks Arm

American Olympic skier Lindsay Vonn recently broke her arm while training in Colorado.  The break was pretty bad as she stated in a Facebook post that humerus bone in her right arm was “severely fractured”.

The break was bad enough to warrant surgery and this took place for her in Vail, Colorado very soon after the accident.  Luckily for Vonn, the injury only impacted her upper body and she will still be able to maintain lower body strength for her sport.

Vonn has suffered lower body injuries, such as a torn ACL during training, in the past and knows the impact it can have on a skier’s season and career.  Vonn missed the Sochi 2014 Winter Games due to this ACL injury and was devastated.

As seen in her below Twitter post, the injury was serious enough to warrant a large incision for surgery.

Lindsey Vonn suffered an injury in February that has prevented her participation from competition this year.  With all the injuries she has suffered, she is more focused on her long term goals of the 2018 Winter Olympics instead of more immediate returns to racing seasons this year or next.

Vonn is one of the greatest female skiers of all time and continues to battle through the adversity of injuries.  This latest one surely will not get her down too much that she cannot overcome it.  The great American racer will surely recover from this injury and be back to training as soon as her body and doctors will allow for it.

John Sill