Kelsey Plum Tops Conference Record

Kelsey Plum is a likely going to go down as one of the best scorers in NCAA history as she races towards 3,000 career points.  The University of Washington Huskies guard is currently averaging 31 points per game during her senior season on the basketball team.

The Huskies are currently 10-1 and ranked number 11 overall.  On Sunday, Kelsey Plum broke the Pac-12 Conference career scoring record previously held by Chiney Ogwumike after scoring 44 points against Boise State.

Plum’s career total currently sits at 2,759 points.  There have only been a short list of women in NCAA Division 1 history to reach 3,000 career points and it seems that this number is within her reach.  While Kelsey Plum may not enjoy all the media attention surrounding her current scoring feats, she is bound to feel the attention all season long.

The Huskies have 20 more regular season games left on the schedule.  Her scoring average is slightly inflated due to the recent 44 point game she just dropped.  If we assume she can average somewhere around 27 points per game over the remainder of the regular season, that would result in another 540 total points added to her career figure.  This would bring her in around the 3,200 to 3,300 total points range.

The all-time women’s college basketball scoring leader is Lynette Woodard of Kansas, finishing with a career total of 3,649.  Since NCAA-play officially began in 1981, Jackie Stiles is the all-time NCAA leader with 3,393 career points.

If Plum is able to keep up a somewhat reasonable pace in scoring over the course of the season, she could legitimately come within reach of Stiles’ career figure.  The interesting part about the numbers I estimated above are all pre-tournament play.  These are all the games the Kelsey Plum is guaranteed to play in, assuming she does not suffer any injuries.  However, she could add to her game count and career scoring if the highly ranked Huskies squad makes a deep run at all.

For comparison’s sake, Kelsey Plum played in 37 games last season in a historic Final Four run.  Regular season game count this year will get her to 31 total games.  If we add on another 3+ games to that count, we could be looking at another 100 points scored.  This could bring her career total to right around 3,400 and break Jackie Stiles number.

Ultimately, a lot of things could happen between now and the tournament.  While I wish Plum all the best, it’s never good to count your chickens before they are hatched.  Either way, I’m pulling for Kelsey Plum to break Jackie Stiles’ record as she wraps up an already impressive college career.

John Sill