Jessica Ennis-Hill Retiring

Jessica Ennis-Hill, Olympic gold medalist, has now announced her retirement from athletics. Ennis-Hill is a two time world champion. At Rio Olympics 2016, the 30-year-old Ennis-Hill won silver in the heptathlon after taking home the gold for the same event at the 2012 London Olympics. It was one of the “toughest decisions” she has faced but retiring now is right, wrote the star-athlete in the statement she released on her Instagram account.

In her statement, she wrote that [she has] amazing memories from her first world title in Berlin 2009 to Rio 2016. Ennis-Hill added that she is very fortunate to have had such an amazing career within the sport she loves. She wrote, “This has been one of the toughest decisions I’ve had to make.”

She further continued saying she knows that retiring now is right. She says she has always said she wants to leave her sport on a high and have no regrets. She further thanked her family and her team for their support. The statement released by her says she wants to thank all those people who have followed her career and supported her over the years. After claiming victory on Super Saturday, the star-athlete won heptathlon gold in 2012 games, emulating Denise Lewis’ win at the Sydney Olympics 2000.

She came out victorious with a total of 6,955 and was ahead of Germany’s Lilli Schwarzkopf by 306 points. However, this summer, she lost her title by just 35 points when she finished runner-up to Belgium’ Nafissatou Thiam. Between the games, the 30-year-old Ennis Hall had taken some time out for her family and to have son Reggie. She missed the 2014 Commonwealth Games, and gave some hint about her retirement immediately after winning silver medal in Brazil. After the birth of her son Reggie in July 2014, Ennis-Hill returned to win the World Athletics Championships in Beijing in 2015.

Senior breakthrough of Ennis-Hill came in 2006 when she won bronze at her only Commonwealth Games. She finished behind teammate Kelly Sotherton who was also the winner. Ennis-Hill won the World Indoor Pentathlon title and gold at the 2010 European Championships the same year.

Before coming 10th in shot put and 6th in high jump, Ennis-Hill won the 100 meters hurdles. She came second in the 200 meters with a personal best of 22.83 seconds. She won the Olympic crown and the race with the best record of two minutes and eight seconds in the 800metres. Neil Black, British Athletics performance director, indicated Ennis-Hall as a “phenomenal” talent. He said he knows it must have been unbelievably hard for Jessica [Ennis-Hill] but he is pleased for her that “she has been able to make the decision and can now look forward to a much deserved retirement.”

He added that Ennis-Hill’s record as an athlete is phenomenal and that is without even considering the challenges of returning [to the games] from pregnancy to win Olympic silver and world gold. He further thanked her for her contribution to the GB team over the years and for being a great person to work with.

John Sill