Eva Carneiro awarded settlement in sexual discrimination case

English Premier League soccer team Chelsea FC has reached a settlement with former club doctor Eva Carneiro. The club had offered her a $1.7 million settlement, however, that has been increased as both sides agree on the verdict.

Eva Carneiro, a doctor with English Premier League men’s soccer team Chelsea FC, was awarded an estimated $7.2m in a sexual discrimination settlement.

Despite not being an athlete, Carneiro worked hand-in-hand with one of the biggest, and in recent times, most successful soccer teams in England. Although she isn’t a name that many will know, she took care of many of Chelsea’s top soccer stars when injured, helping them resume their careers fully fit.

In August 2015, during Chelsea’s English Premier League season opener against Swansea City, Carneiro was called into action when one of Chelsea’s players fell to the ground injured. As is common in soccer, once play is stopped, the team doctor is allowed to run onto the pitch to check on and treat the injured player. During Chelsea’s match against Swansea that is exactly what Carniero did, much to the disgust of Chelsea’s manager at the time, Jose Mourinho.

Following the match, Mourinho was critical of the female doctor for treating one of the players, even stating the player wasn’t hurt badly. Carneiro, who had been with the club as doctor since 2009, was demoted shortly after the match with Swansea and didn’t appear on the team’s bench again. In September, Carneiro left the club as the two parties faced off in a sexism row.

This week the two sides went to court as the club and former coach Mourinho were charged with sexual discrimination. While Carneiro threatened to spill the truth about the coach, club and text messages she had received from both, Chelsea attempted to drag Carneiro’s name through the mud. The soccer team’s lawyers made her out to be a fame hungry female looking for attention in the spotlight. However, Carneiro’s promise to reveal everything, scared the club, enticing them to settle for just over $7m.

Jose Mourinho clearly called Eva Carneiro ‘Filha da Puta’ during touchline argument

Jose Mourinho and Chelsea first team doctor Eva Carneiro have been making headlines all week since their argument during the opening weekend’s 2-2 draw with Swansea City. Eva Carneiro and her Chelsea physio team were summoned onto the pitch to treat Eden Hazard by referee Michael Oliver, leaving Jose Mourinho absolutely fuming.

One of the items that did leak out was that that Mourinho had called Carneiro “a daughter of a whore” in Portuguese (filha da puta) as she ran on to treat player Eden Hazard back in September. An extremely offensive phrase in Portuguese, Mourinho went on to call Carneiro “impulsive and naive”. Mourinho also criticize his senior medical staff on television and radio following the match. He even accused Carneiro of lacking a basic understanding of the game despite her experience and expertise.

Now that the club and former doctor have reached a settlement, it looks like those other items will not get out, keeping a lid on what might have been said.

Perhaps the most shameful part of the settlement is that Mourinho is free to continue his line of work as a soccer coach. The Portuguese man manager has moved to English soccer club Manchester United this offseason, a step up in the world of soccer. Manchester United are one of the biggest clubs in the world, one that would not want a sexual discrimination case to overshadow what they do on the soccer pitch. Yet, it seems Mourinho, at least for now, has gotten away scot-free. While Chelsea as an organisation released a statement apologizing for the events, Mourinho has not uttered one word of apology.

Carneiro had become a role model for girls everywhere. Although she was not a soccer player herself, she did work in the billion dollar industry with one of the top teams. She showed young women that they too, could work in a sport dominated by men, and become successful. While she is no longer at the club, and may never work in soccer again, Carneiro is still a role model for young women everywhere. She stood up to a giant organization with worldwide appeal. She stood up for her rights as a human being. The only unfortunate part of the settlement, is that the culprit Mourinho, will not receive any punishment. Or, he doesn’t look likely to. Life will return to normal for the famed coach, as if nothing ever happened.

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