Cris Cyborg finishes Lina Lansberg inside two rounds at UFC Fight Night 95


Cris Cyborg displayed yet another dominant performance when she TKO’d Lansberg 2:29 into the second round at UFC Fight Night 95 in Brazil.

There was no doubt that the world’s most vicious female fighter would get the win, it was a matter of when she would knockout her opponent not if.

Cyborg who had to cut a gruelling 25 pounds in 4 days showed no signs of fatigue in the first round coming out and immediately put pressure on her opponent. Cyborg stalked Lansberg around the octagon and used her superior physical strength to pin Lansberg up against the cage and deliver some devastating knees to the body of Lansberg. Throughout the first round Cyborg used her arsenal of vicious stand up and ground and pound to butcher Lansberg and win the round probably 10-8.

Cyborg showed no signs of letting up coming out in the second round and putting Lansberg immediately on the back foot with devastating strikes to the head and kicks to the body. It was only a matter of time before the ref stopped the fight with Cyborg reigning down hammer fists onto Lansberg who was trying to defend off of her back, the ref finally stopped the fight at 2:29 seconds into the second round.

After that win Cyborg now extends her record to 17-1-1 NC with 15 of her last 17 wins coming by way of knockout a statistic which proves that Cris Cyborg is one of the most dominant female fighters in the world, if not the most dominant.

In Cyborgs interview after the fight she said “I knew that she had good Mauy Thai and that she wanted to keep the fight standing so I took her to the ground and showed her a little ground work”. When asked what’s next for her she replied with “I already have two belts at home, I just want to put on super fights for my fans and make them happy”.

A fighter as talented and as popular as Cyborg only comes along once in a blue moon and it would seem like a wasted opportunity by the UFC not to take advantage of her huge fan base. After another dominant performance in the UFC the question is what’s next for the Brazilian Strikeforce featherweight champion. She could like she said keep taking super fights at a catch weight of 140 which she is killing herself to make or the UFC could create a 145 female division and build the roster around her. They did it with Ronda Rousey when she came to the UFC years ago so why not with Cyborg a fighter who possess the traits of a champion and who can elevate women’s popularity in the UFC to new heights.

With Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino showing her worth yet again as a fighter and as a huge draw only time will tell what the UFC has in store for her.

Sean Walker
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