Why is Billie Jean King Leading the Way for Women’s Soccer?

In an effort to improve their world-wide image FIFA has started a Women’s Football and Leadership Conference. Last March was their second conference and Billie Jean King was a keynote speaker. King is a lifelong advocate for women’s equality especially in sports. As a 29 year old back in 1973 she defeated Bobby Riggs in the notorious Battle of The Sexes. King went on to found the WTA and the Women’s Sports Foundation. The WTA is perhaps the most successful and respected women’s professional sports league in the world. Now King is advocating for women’s soccer and urging FIFA to invest in the future of women’s soccer. King believes FIFA’s recent bad press and plague of scandals has created an opportunity for change and a bigger role for women’s soccer in FIFA. For the full story on The New York Times click here.


Lauren von Bernuth