Baylor Bears Break Margin of Victory Record

The Baylor Bears are currently the number 3 ranked women’s college basketball team this season. Over the weekend, these ladies showed the Winthrop Eagles exactly why they deserve that ranking.

On Friday, Baylor broke the record of largest margin of victory for a Divion 1 women’s basketball game.  The final score was 140 to 32, with Baylor doing a majority of the damage in the first half.  Winthrop was clearly not up to the challenge, as they now hold a record of 1-9.  Winthrop’s single victory came during the season opener against NC Wesleyan with a final score of 89-40.  Based on these scores alone, it makes you wonder how badly Baylor would have run over NC Wesleyan if they were given the opportunity.

Baylor’s head coach Kim Mulkey tried to show some sportsmanship by pulling out her starters with only one half’s worth of minutes or less.  It didn’t seem to matter that Mulkey went 12 players deep in to her rotation for half of the game and the lead kept getting more and more out of control.

Winthrop was actually unable to score a single point in the 4th quarter and Baylor added 29 points.  In addition, Baylor began the game with a 21-0 opening run and led 77 to 18 at halftime.  Winthrop only shot 13.6% overall on field goal attempts for the entire game.

Winthrop’s head coach Kevin Cook was appreciative of Mulkey’s efforts to be a good sport with her rotations.

The former record for margin of victory in a Division 1 women’s game was 102 points.  The record was set by Grambling over Jarvis Christian College back in 1986.

Coach Cook had nothing but good things to say about the Baylor Bears after the game.  He really didn’t have much else he could say based on the box score, but it was good to see the coach showing respect and being a good sport.

Baylor’s leading season scorer, Alexis Jones, actually sat out this game to rest an injured knee for a second consecutive game.  It would have been interesting to see a final score with Jones’ contributions added on top.

Baylor is currently 11-1 on the season with their sole loss coming at the hands of the top ranked Connecticut Huskies (ranked number 3 at the point of the matchup).  Baylor’s next game will be against Kansas State as they head in to conference play.  The Baylor Bears are not likely to be challenged for the Big 12 conference title this season.

Assuming they roll through the conference portion of their schedule, the Baylor Bears will likely be a top seed during the big tournament in March.

John Sill