Basketball Coaches Battle Breast Cancer with Kay Yow

The NCAA and the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WCBA) are coming together to fight cancer in the Play4Kay National Free Throw Challenge.

The Play4Kay National Free Throw Challenge is a contest that will raise funds for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

Kay Yow, Hall of Fame coach for the United States gold medal Olympic team in 1988, also coached the North Carolina State women’s basketball team from 1975-2009. In 1978, Yow was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away from the disease on Jan. 24, 2009.

The Kay Yow Cancer Fund is a charitable organization that raises funds for scientific research, helping the underserved and uniting people together in the fight against women’s cancers.

The Play4Kay National Free Throw Challenge will use Yow’s love of basketball to carry out the mission to fight cancer.

Play4Kay will involve fans and coaches. The NCAA and the WCBA are asking collegiate women’s basketball programs to become involved in the competition by hosting a Play4Kay game, hosting a Play4Kay National Free Throw Challenge where all proceeds will be donated, honor cancer survivors during the season games on the court, have the coach make a financial donation, present videos and announcement for the fundraiser during games and purchase t-shirts for the fund.

At the beginning of the basketball season coaches can videotape their consecutive free throw shots, with each shot counting as $4 donation to the fund. Videotapes are then to be placed on social media by Jan. 1.

The coach with the most consecutive free throws will win free airfare, lodging and a ticket to the 2017 Women’s Final Four at the American Airlines Center Arena in Dallas from March 31-April 2.

Schools and fans can also get involved by registering at Most of the competitions take place in early February.

The winning fan and school marketing director will also earn a trip to the Women’s Final Four, where they will compete against the winning coach.

This opportunity will allow the two fans to attend games, fan events, the WBCA convention and the Beyond the Baseline summit.

The Women’s Final Four will also feature a free throw contest in the fan area outside of American Airlines Center known as Tourney Town.

In a recent NCAA press release, Stephanie Glance, the Kay Yow Cancer Fund director, said this opportunity will allow them to unite with the sport of women’s basketball like never before as they support and battle cancer.

“We want to ignite a philanthropic movement in women’s basketball that benefits all participating schools and elevates the sport through united efforts to change the lives of those battling cancer,” Glance said. “It’s a win-win for all involved.”

While the NCAA and the WCBA have been longtime supporters of the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, the Play4Kay National Free Throw Challenge will allow them to raise more financial support for the cause.

Since its founding in 2007, the Kay Yow Cancer Fund has raised $5.28 million and carries out Coach Yow’s hope for coaches to serve others. For more information on the contest, visit or call the Kay Yow Cancer Fund staff at 919-659-3308.

John Sill