Amanda Nunes Knocks Ronda Rousey Out in Less Than One Minute at UFC 207

Amanda Nunes retained her bantamweight strap in dominant fashion against Ronda Rousey at UFC 207.

UFC 207 was a spectacular overall show and a suiting way to end the UFC’s ultra-successful 2016. In the main event of the evening, Amanda Nunes proved that she is the rightful UFC women’s bantamweight champion by blitzing Ronda Rousey in less than one minute. Surprisingly, this was a completely lopsided victory for Nunes.

The end came officially at forty-eight seconds of the very first round. Up until that point, Rousey charged towards Nunes recklessly—much like she did against Holly Holm—in an effort to drag the fight to the canvas. However, Amanda Nunes was ready for this offense and then some, as demonstrated by her careful, precise, and technical landed punches on Ronda. Rousey didn’t appear to have any defensive stand-up maneuvers whatsoever prepared.

Over and over again, Nunes clipped Rousey with vicious blows, until the referee was forced to wave the contest off. The only positive takeaway from Ronda Rousey’s return at UFC 207 is her toughness, as she showed off considerable heart in absorbing as many blows as she did.

Amanda Nunes is the real deal, and this UFC 207 victory is just another example supporting the point. Ronda Rousey, contrary to what many will say, is still an elite athlete. However, heading into the Octagon against a top-level opponent like Amanda Nunes with such a one-dimensional gameplan—especially when the nature of the Holm loss is considered—was ill-advised, and she should shake-up her training and coaching moving forward. Then, perhaps we can see her fight for the bantamweight–or featherweight–crown. Furthermore, a rematch against Holly Holm, after she finishes competing for the inaugural women’s featherweight belt, makes perfect sense.

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Max King