Fortnite Season 9 map changes: Neo Tilted, Mega Mall, Pressure Plant

Image via Epic Games

Image via Epic Games

Fortbyte's are now live in Fortnite Season 9 and one of the most tricky to collect is Fortbyte 36, which is hidden in the Battle Royale map and only accessible by Sentinel on "a frozen island".

After a season out in the cold, the Volcano is finally a named location: Pressure Plant.

The leaked Fortnite Season 9 Pass skins came from a French Instagram account and showed off the new cosmetic items in a similar fashion as previous seasons have done with their Battle Pass skins.

Leading up to Season 9 the Unvaulting event caused an instant death area to appear around Loot Lake, which was the epicenter for the event.

Fortnite Creative is also getting updates, including a build-your-own imagined version of Neo Tilted, hover platforms and a creature manager. Here's what level 50,000 XP is in Fortnite Season 9.

Additionally, there are new Wind Tunnels introduced by the makers known as Slipstreams.

What is Slipstream in Fortnite Season 9?

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Usually, we see these bonus skins granted to players at about Week 7 or Week 8 of the Season - though of course, that's all liable to change this time around.

The combat shotgun is however the only new weapon added this season.

The end of Season 8 saw the destruction of Tilted Towers and Retail Row due to the volcano erupting and tossing rocks across the map.

Before we get into what's new, first check out the cinematic trailer for Season 9.

There will be a rotation of three Limited Time Modes: Trios, Solid Gold and One Shot. Picking them up will start to decrypt a mysterious message that'll run throughout season nine, culminating in - well, we don't exactly know yet.

Another futuristic addition: the Slipstreams. Nothing in the Fortnite map ever truly stays the same, and we may see the location restored to its former glory in a future season. Remember that 950 V-Bucks are required to purchase the Battle Pass and you will get a chance to purchase exclusive items. Yes, really you've got to go proper south-west, nearly off the grid entirely.

Look, I'm gonna be real for a minute here - I don't play as much Fortnite Battle Royale as some of the more dedicated folks out there.

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