Russian Plane Crash Survivor Recalls Strong Lightning Strike

Moscow airport fire

FLAMES A fire has ripped through a passenger plane at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow

Heroic stewardess helped save 33 passengers by grabbing them by the collar and throwing them to safety from the Russian jet which crash-landed in a ball of flames this week.

One overweight survivor, Dmitry Khlebushkin, caused fury as he left with a backpack he had rescued from the burning plane.

However, another man finds humor in the situation: "An okay landing".

It is believed that the people who died were chocked by the smoke, according to TASS.

In a statement to the Daily Mail, officials at the Sheremetyevo airport say that the people on the recording are not employed with the airport or Aeroflot. The airport says the footage "goes against all the norms of basic human decency and professional ethics". A lightning strike is one theory.

The plane that crashed on Sunday flew for the first time in June 2017, and was delivered to Aeroflot three months later, according to aircraft-tracking website Aeroflot - which has a plan to double its fleet to 520 planes, including 190 Russian- made aircraft, by 2023 - is seeking to quadruple its market value by that time, CEO Vitaly Savelyev told Russian President Vladimir Putin past year. The mayor of a northern Russian city who was aboard the Superjet-100 during its deadly crash-landing in Moscow, said he saw the plane being hit by lightning."I'd heard two loud bangs, turned my head and saw two large flashes somewhere around the engine, " Vladimir Yevmenkov told TASS, describing the moment when the jet was allegedly hit by lightning shortly after takeoff.

Relatives and friends of victims are seen gathered awaiting information at Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow following the crash on Sunday. "I nearly passed out from fear".

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Investigators from Russian Federation are now looking into whether pilot error was a possible cause of the crash.

Earlier, Pilot Denis Yevdokimov said that as soon as the plane took off lighting happened which caused the plane to lose the communication and this was the reason why they made an emergency landing after 20 minutes of taking off.

A high speed landing of a fuel plane is not standard following a lightning strike, according to the BBC.

As the plane landed, it became engulfed by a large fireball.

Dietrich said there were no plans to ground the Superjet-100 model.

Two black boxes have been recovered from the plane in reasonable condition and are being analysed - a process that will take "a few weeks".

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