Netanyahu: Israel will not allow Iran nuclear weapons

US fmr. official warns Trump allies against military conflict with Iran

US to counter Iran with military force deployment: Pentagon - Xinhua |

In the U.S. and Israel, this has happened in the face of resistance from the defence establishment.

The people in the region, the Europeans and even the U.S. allies and the global companies are suffering from the USA policies, creating restrictions for the European companies doing business with Iran.

Hunt said Britain and the USA agreed on the need to confront the threat from Iran, but "it's no secret we have a different approach on how best to achieve that".

"This surgery is to save the (deal), not destroy it", he said. So far, that has not happened.

Russian Federation has voiced support for Iran - but is not an oil customer and carries little weight in the global economy.

The European powers voiced alarm at Iran's statement and expressed hope that the nuclear deal could be preserved.

Matt Duss, foreign policy adviser for Sen.

By raising the stakes, Iran has challenged Europe and China to wean themselves off dependence on the dollar - for both a long-term aspiration. The EU/E3+2 will face Iran's further actions if they cannot fulfill their obligations within the next 60 days and secure Iran's interests.

The initial two steps announced by President Hassan Rouhani are at the very low end of the scale of available measures.

Iran on Wednesday said it will walk away from the global deal governing its development of nuclear materials and potentially nuclear weapons if it does not receive new terms for a new agreement within 60 days.

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In an interview with Agence France-Presse on Monday, Mr Guaido blamed the failure on unkept promises by other members of the armed forces.

Britain's Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt said at a joint news conference with his USA counterpart Mike Pompeo that United Kingdom supports the JCPOA, but is concerned about Iran's recent move and calls on Tehran to fulfil its commitment.

UK Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific Mark Field commented on Iran's decision, saying that it was "unwelcome" and calling on Tehran to stand by its commitments under the JCPOA, adding that the UK may otherwise consider re-imposing sanctions.

In an announcement previewed for days, Iran said it would immediately stop implementing some restrictions under the 2015 deal - a move aimed largely at pressing Washington's European allies to step up to preserve the agreement. By limiting its initial steps to these two measures, Tehran has insured that the blame resides nearly entirely in Washington.

"According to the Article 36, under the Dispute Resolution Mechanism, if Iran believed that any or all of the E3/EU+3 were not meeting their commitments under this JCPOA, the country could refer the issue to the Joint Commission for resolution". Weapons-grade uranium needs to be enriched to around 90pc. Rouhani did not say how far Iran would be willing to enrich, although the head of its nuclear program again reiterated Iran could reach 20% enrichment within four days. If that happened, the route to producing plutonium would be open once more.

Israel has said publicly that it has carried out hundreds of air and missile strikes targeting the forces of Iran and Hezbollah in neighbouring Syria.

Iran has repeatedly denied it was pursuing an atomic weapon. It's also anxious about a possible military confrontation.

"After a year of patience, Iran stops measures that (the) United States has made impossible to continue", he tweeted. But Instex, as the vehicle is known, isn't yet operational.

"Jeremy Hunt was clear that the United Kingdom will act if Iran carries out out threats to resume enrichment in 60 days, and warned Iran to think "long and hard", added Al Jazeera's Hull.

"Not only has Trump's position of maximum pressure not delivered, it has not triggered Rouhani's move toward less for less".

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