Korea reaffirms support for Venezuelan president

Masked members of a “colectivo”-pro-government cells attend a rally in Caracas

Masked members of a “colectivo”-pro-government cells attend a rally in Caracas

Bolivia, Cuba, Turkey and Russian Federation, among others, have not followed suit and continue to back Maduro as the rightful president, accusing the USA and others of interfering in Venezuela's internal affairs.

The top US diplomat told ABC News "This Week", "Maduro can't feel good about the security of his position".

Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel, a regional ally of Venezuela's, said on Twitter he had spoken to Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and "stressed the need for dialogue with President Maduro and respect for Venezuela's sovereignty and worldwide rights without threats or outside intervention".

Underscoring the continued military support for his government, Maduro delivered his televised address from a base in northwestern Cojedes state - where he appeared alongside defence minister, Vladimir Padrino, and in the presence of more than 5,000 troops.

Venezuelan authorities are investigating the cause of a helicopter crash that killed seven military officers while they were while heading to a state where President Nicolás Maduro was visiting troops.

Guaido, who is the National Assembly president and is recognized as the country's legitimate leader by President Donald Trump and about 50 other countries, suggested he expected many more defectors from the military, along with Maduro's resignation, after the opposition leader led a failed uprising this week.

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He said Maduro's days as the Venezuelan leader are numbered, but offered no timetable. "This is someone who can not be part of Venezuela's future".

The Lima Group backed Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido's push to oust Maduro on Tuesday, which failed to trigger the military defections needed to wrest control of key institutions.

"We call on both the Americans and those who support them to drop irresponsible plans and act exclusively within the frames of global law", the Russian foreign minister said.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was meeting Sunday with his Venezuelan counterpart, Jorge Arreaza.

When asked if President Trump believes he can intervene without congressional authorization, Pompeo responded by saying he was "very confident any action we took in Venezuela would be lawful".

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