Internal Memo Suggests That SpaceX Crew Capsule Explosion Video Could Be Legit

Internal Memo Suggests That SpaceX Crew Capsule Explosion Video Could Be Legit

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"Dragon is on its way to the International Space Station!" The impact to the schedule will depend on the results of the accident investigation, he said.

Koenigsmann said the company is now focused on the investigation into the mishap, and declined to estimate how much of an impact it will have on the schedule of upcoming test flights.

The Crew Dragon had been scheduled to carry United States astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the space station in a test mission in July, although April's accident, as well as some vehicle design hitches, are likely to push that launch to later in the year or into 2020.

Air Force launch weather officer Will Ulrich revealed earlier this week: "We've been monitoring an area of disturbed weather over the Bahamas for the past few days, and that area of disturbed weather is encroaching upon the Space Coast".

NASA and SpaceX officials will provide an update on the mission's status during an 11 a.m. briefing today at Kennedy Space Center.

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Early on Friday morning, within minutes of the opening-and closing-of an instantaneous launch window, SpaceX scrubbed the launch of its Falcon 9 rocket and Cargo Dragon supply mission to the International Space Station. The Draco engines that help the vehicle maneuver in space were fired in two sets, each time for five seconds and each time successfully. SpaceX had planned to perform an in-flight abort test using the Crew Dragon spacecraft destroyed in the anomaly as soon as June, followed by a crewed test flight no earlier than July.

Koenigsmann said initial data indicated that the anomaly occurred during the activation of the engine SuperDraco, but he said he didn't believe the engines themselves caused the accident. "That said, we're looking at all possible issues and the investigation is ongoing".

"We did talk to Bob and Doug, of course", Koenigsmann said, referring to Behnken and Hurley. "It's certainly not great news for the schedule overall, but I hope we can recover".

The capsule is packed with 5,500 pounds research, crew supplies and hardware, on top of a Falcon 9 rocket. He did note that SpaceX has other Dragons in its fleet. The failure slashed the station's electrical power by 25%. Forecasters predicted a 60 percent chance of a launch delay due to thick clouds and rain, but conditions were expected to improve to 70 percent "go" Saturday. Because the arm is used to capture and berth the cargo Dragon spacecraft, NASA opted to delay the launch until flight controllers could use the arm to install a spare unit.

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