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But, as it turns out, Brie Larson (also known as Captain Marvel) was also in the early 2000s flick - a fact that Mark, her fellow Avengers: Endgame star didn't even know.

Thompson, who stars in "Westworld" and will be in the new "Men in Black" film, added, "Her activism is an extension of who she is ..." Brie did not know what she was doing when she shot the film's post-credits scene, in which Carol shows up at the Avengers HQ looking for Nick Fury after Thanos kills half the population in Avengers: Infinity War. Avengers EndGame Full Movie Leaked Online by TamilRockers; Marvel's Superhero Film Available for Free Download Before Official Release Date! Larson was only 14-years old at the time and played one of the mean girls at the beginning of the movie, which starred Jennifer Garner. After inadvertently spoiling the ending of Avengers: Infinity War, accidentally live-streaming part of Thor: Ragnarok during the film's world premiere, revealing the title of Endgame before it was announced, and getting "fired" from the MCU for not zipping his mouth, Ruffalo has done a respectable job of not repeating his past mistakes in the lead-up to Endgame.

"I shot like five different endings for this movie", he said. But despite not knowing what was going on, Brie killed it as Captain Marvel. While some fans made a decision to take a trip down memory lane and caught up on all the Marvel films ahead of the big release, it looks like the actors too have been feeling the same of kind of emotions.

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Once Larson got their gist, she revealed the scene directors then wanted her to look at the other people in the room, even though she was filming all by herself. We're just gonna whip pan over to you and you're just gonna go, 'Where's Fury?'" And I was like "Cool, cool. "They're not allowed to tell me either?'" Larson continued.

"They whip-pan over to me and I was like 'wait, where.where is he actually, like.is he in the room.like what room am I in?"

"I was like, 'Oh, I think this means that's he's dead, '" she explained. We are mentally and emotionally preparing to watch our favourite Avengers come together for one last time.

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