Microsoft Paint has been given another reprieve

Tabs in Windows 10

Microsoft Gives Paint the 11th Hour Reprieve it Deserves

Brandon LeBlanc stated on Twitter that Paint will ship in the next version of Windows 10 and the company will include this app in Windows 10 updates going forward.

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MS Paint is a simple raster graphics editor that comes with all versions of Microsoft Windows. No action is needed.

It's unclear for how long Microsoft intends on continuing to support MS Paint at this time, given LeBlanc's comment that the software will be a Windows 10 feature "for now".

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Fortunately, Windows is attempting to block most users who are using such storage solutions from downloading the update to begin with. It's set to address some of the biggest annoyances of the platform, such as Windows deciding it knows best when to upgrade - and meaning you have to take an impromptu break when that happens.

According to Microsoft, this message will appear on eligible computers that are plugged with an external USB device or an SD memory card. 'For this reason, these computers are now blocked from receiving the May 2019 Update.

As spotted by The Register, a support article pins the problem on mismanaging drive letter assignments. The Setup may reassign the drive letter - and this is bad! Microsoft says that the OS could face inappropriate drive reassignment during the update. It can also affect internal hard drives as well. Users can, or course, work around the error simply by removing external media devices and restarting the installation process for the update. However, a bug has been identified that prevents installation of the new feature update on systems that have USB storage devices connected.

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