Notre Dame parishioners head to nearby church for Easter services

Notre Dame's 180000 Bees Survive Cathedral Fire

Notre Dame's Three Rooftop Beehives (Containing Over 180,000 Bees) Survive Cathedral Fire

As of 1300 GMT, 110 people had been arrested and placed in custody, the Paris prosecutor's office said.

"The relics are some of the only ones remaining from the passion of Christ", Coulangeon told CNN, adding that they were purchased by Louis IX for a cost equivalent to half of the state's annual budget.

Geant has looked after the bees since 2013, when they were installed as part of a city-wide initiative to boost declining bee numbers.

The government estimated that some 27,900 people marched Saturday around France, including some 9,000 in Paris.

Protesters are calling Saturday's demonstrations their "second ultimatum" against Macron and his government.

Parishioners who normally celebrate Easter at Notre Dame attended Saturday evening's Easter Vigil Mass at the nearby Saint-Sulpice Church instead. More than 60,000 police were deployed across the country to deal with the protests.

"Smoke, heat, water. we will see if our courageous bees are still with us as soon as we have access to the site, which may take a lot of time".

SpaceX Crew Dragon Test 'Anomaly' Sends Plumes of Smoke Over Cape Canaveral
An unconfirmed, leaked video of the test shows the capsule engulfed in flame that appears to originate from the top of the craft. The Crew Dragon scheduled to carry the first astronauts into space this summer or fall is not yet believed to be in Florida.

"Paris is very hard right now", said Paul Harlow, of Kansas City, Missouri, as he looked sadly at the damaged Notre Dame. "I hope Christians react and take note of all that is taking place in this sad period and that this will bring us back together", she said.

The fire burned through the network of enormous centuries-old oak beams supporting the monument's vaulted stone ceiling, dangerously weakening the building.

FRANCE 24 reported from outside Notre-Dame in the wake of the blaze that threatened to destroy one of the world's most beloved landmarks.

"I am not interested in joining them, but I can understand what they're angry about", said Antonio Costes, a retiree from the Paris suburb of Montreuil who came Saturday to see the damage to Notre Dame. Some figures of the movement have said Macron's planned measures are not sufficient and are backing further protests. "There is a lot of injustice".

"Millions for Notre Dame, what about for us, the poor?" read a sign worn by a demonstrator.

The spirit of Easter resurrection has shined through the smoke and flames that engulfed Notre Dame cathedral and three historic Louisiana churches - Mount Pleasant Baptist, St. Mary's Baptist, and Greater Union Baptist.

He was originally scheduled to address the yellow vests' demands in a speech on Monday, but postponed it in order to direct focus toward response to the fire.

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