Pelosi pressured as progressives demand impeachment post-Mueller

From 'total exoneration' to 'total bullsh**': Trump lingers on damning report

Democrats subpoena unredacted version of Mueller report

Cummings said he believes the special counsel's report provides a "roadmap" for Congress to continue to investigate the president.

It's fair to say that the Mueller report did not knock down any partisan barriers. He said that he was "not there yet" with impeachment, and he added that Congress has to be "careful".

"That the President makes absurd demands of his staff and administration officials - who are alarmed by them and reluctant to follow them - is not only unsurprising but has become the norm", the official said.Nevertheless, in the past Trump has resisted the idea that he is being controlled by those around him or that they are responsible for his successes.

But in light of Mueller's findings, Democratic leaders are under mounting pressure from the party's rising stars, deep-pocketed donors and even a presidential contender to seize the moment as a jumping-off point for trying to remove Trump from office. Before the document's publication on Thursday, Peskov told reporters that Russian Federation had "more interesting and important things to do" than worry about the report said.

"Regardless of what actions the president did or didn't take. understanding in far greater detail the aggression of a foreign adversary nation against our election's infrastructure should ideally help us avoid such circumstances in the future", she said.

With Republicans controlling the Senate, Democrats would have little chance of removing Trump through impeachment.

Mueller identified at least 10 instances of potential obstruction of justice by the president, fanning calls for Trump's impeachment from progressives such as 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren and freshman Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. At the same time, some liberal members of the caucus, including Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez of NY, expressed support for starting an impeachment inquiry.

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Nadler has issued a subpoena to the Justice Department for the full report and requested Mueller's testimony. So did Washington Examiner correspondent David M. Drucker, who said he wanted to "reset" his 2017 op-ed titled, "Romney was right about Russian Federation".

Trump built of the theme of dodging the Romney bullet (for Obama?) in 2012, tweeting a video showing Mitt's devastating loss, and Trump's devastating win in their respective runs.

Still, speaking after a town hall on Thursday evening, the 35-year-old emphasized that most voters going into 2020 are more concerned about issues such as health care, education and infrastructure.

Romney has historically been one of the harshest Republican critics of the President. Zug says she has since soured on Trump due to his "lies".

Rep. Tom Reed, R-New York, a moderate who frequently votes with Democrats, said Mueller's conclusions "should be celebrated". They said it was inadequate. "I just wish this wasn't the end".

Those figures, which split heavily along party lines, were fairly similar to previous polls.

(Drew Angerer/Getty Images) President Donald Trump attends an event at the White House, April 18, 2019.

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