Samsung issues statement after some early Galaxy Fold displays fail

Samsung’s futuristic new foldable phone keeps breaking

Bendgate 2.0: Samsung's $2000 foldable phone is already breaking

Journalists who received the phone to review before the public launch have reported the screen started to flicker and turn black before completely fizzling out.

A limited number of early Galaxy Fold samples were provided to media for review.

Whether this is a widespread issue with either the design, construction, or materials, or it is specific to a smaller batch is yet unknown.

Samsung has once again been put into the "spotlight" after one of its so-called most expensive folding phones - Galaxy Fold, pricing at 2,000 US dollars, reported broken by some industry journalists. Having anything important that can be peeled off is a bad idea, because it will either be peeled off by idle fingers, or it will eventually peel off in day to day use. Many Android phones ship with pre-applied screen protectors and it appeared as though that was the case with the Galaxy Fold.

YouTube tech reviewer Marques "MKBHD" Brownlee and Wall Street Journal reviewers also took the films off.

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In September 2016, Samsung suspended sales of the Galaxy Note 7 and announced an informal recall. "It's NOT a screen protector". Do NOT remove it. The display on some of the units got damaged and couldn't be used anymore.

Samsung has vowed to "thoroughly inspect" Galaxy Fold handsets that suffered failures just days after making their way into the hands of reviewers. At the same time, it reminds us that the protective layer isnt meant to be removed nor is it meant to support another adhesive layer on top (no third party screen protectors).

The spokesperson went on to say that the Galaxy Fold's main screen, which unfolds to 7.3 inches, comes with a protective film that protects it against scratches.

One reviewer from Bloomberg said his "review unit is completely broken and unusable after just two days in", in a series of tweets where he documented how his screen broke after he removed the protective film. It was one of the first folding phones ever, and it was way better than any that came before it. However, the claim seems to be bogus and not really applicable in real life.

The release of the Galaxy Fold, which costs more than 2000 dollars, will therefore be under high scrunity and Samsung will have to be particularly fast to deal with any problems. On top of that, investors were also responding to concerns about Samsung's part in the roll out of the next generation 5G wireless standard, he added.

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