Nice weather today, some severe weather likely tomorrow

First Alert Weather Day for Wednesday

First Alert Weather Day for Wednesday

Once we pass midnight an organized line of storms will develop and move across East Texas.

When will the weather be bad? The National Weather Service advised all residents within the region should prepare for a potential emergency situation. If you must travel, make sure to check the weather conditions, watches, warnings and advisories before venturing out the door.

Huge swaths of the South, Midwest and East Coast are under the gun for severe weather as states still recovering from last weekend's tornadoes hunker down for more. As of 5 a.m. Thursday, the timeline indicates that the line of storms could enter the local area between 7 p.m. Thursday and continue until 1 a.m.on Friday. Loose yard equipment can be blown around and possibly even become airborne. Rain rates at times may approach 4 inches per hour for several minutes. Excessive rainfall may overwhelm drainage capacities.

Communities in central Texas and western Louisiana, already hit by flash floods and twisters in the first round, will be hit once more by high winds, twisters and intense rain, according to AccuWeather and the NWS.

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"By comparison, this will be stronger and more widespread", Ricks said, based on current forecasts.

Flash flooding could remain a threat in Maine, New Hampshire and MA on Saturday, the weather service said. Pick out the safest room of the building you are in (lowest level, interior, away from windows) and have a way to access alerts.

What should I do now? Often a small room, on the lowest floor, away from windows, near the center of the house is your best option. This means there is a 30 percent chance of experiencing severe weather within 25 miles of any given point.

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