Why Meghan Markle And Prince Harry ‘Totally Unprepared’ For The Royal Baby

Prince Harry

Prince Harry John Phillips Getty Images

On this new Instagram account, she and Harry will share both their work and their personal moments, according to a royal source. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates on Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and more!

In February, a letter sent from the Duchess of Sussex to her father was made public, in which she begged him to leave her in peace.

The couple have set tongues wagging with the extensive renovations they had commissioned for Frogmore cottage, including a rumoured yoga room featuring a "floating floor" to minimise injuries.

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Serena didn't name Meghan directly, but everyone is noting that she also used "she" to describe the child. What's the value of it?

She didn't mention Markle by name, but since they're close, it isn't that big of a stretch.

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"During the early stages of the relationship, ahead of the engagement announcement, William did speak to Harry, just wanting to make sure Harry knew what he was getting himself into", relayed Nicholl. However, even if she does so, the couple's baby will still be liable for USA taxes until the age of 18.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that, in a significant break with Royal tradition, 37-year-old Meghan has appointed her own delivery team, led by an unnamed female doctor.

WATCH: The family relationships within the British monarchy. While the pair dated almost five years ago in 2015, we imagine it still would have been uncomfortable to sit in a dark movie theater and exchange pleasantries. Since her baby will not be a direct heir to the throne, she doesn't believe she should have to do the photo-op "just because people think she should".

Spare a thought for the Royal Family's accountants.

The baby likely wouldn't be completely vegan.

The minefield of the U.S. tax system means Harry and Meghan's baby will likely create a lot of paperwork for the Royal Family's accountants.

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