Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas Chill With The Jonas Brothers & J Sisters!

The Jonas Brothers Drop New Bop ‘Cool’ For You To Absolutely Obsess Over

Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas Chill With The Jonas Brothers & J Sisters!

Soaring high in love and life with fine fortune, self-confidence, and fame, the Bothers seem to be indirectly referring to Sophie Turner, Joe's fiancée, and Priyanka Chopra, Nick's wife, in the song's lyrics as a tribute. The mash-up has visuals of Jonas' Brothers' Cool juxtaposed with the sound of the Govinda song. In the show, the Jonas Brothers performed the song.

The clip, released on Friday, features Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas going old school as they wear 1980s-inspired clothing alongside a group of dancers wearing aerobics gear. Both music videos are vibrant and captivating.

While you have enjoyed and ogled over the Jonas Brothers, now make way for J Sisters.

The brothers appeared to look back quite frequently to their 2008 single "Burnin" Up", with moments from the "Cool' video showing just how far the boys have come in their careers.

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The newlywed movie star, who married Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers at the end of past year, was spotted heading to a business meeting alone after a busy few days with her beau.

Inside of a private jet, Danielle, 32, Sophie, 23, and Priyanka, 36, posed together for a cute "sister-in-laws" photo, while declaring themselves the Jonas Sisters.

The Jonas Brothers are feeling so cool in the music video for their new song. Since it was Nick who is said to have broken the band, Priyanka personally played the doting sister-in-law to Kevin and Joe and coaxed them to sit with her husband for conversations on re-grouping.

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