First Report on Boeing Crash That Killed 157 in Ethiopia Due Thursday

A Boeing 737 Max 8 takes off during a flight test in Renton Washington on Jan 29 2016

UAE to validate any Boeing MAX fix before lifting airspace ban

Boeing's top-selling aircraft has been grounded worldwide since the March 10 disaster, which came just five months after a Lion Air 737 MAX crash in Indonesia that killed 189. In that flight, authorities believe erroneous data from an exterior sensor prompted MCAS to repeatedly force the nose of the plane down before the crash.

As the Boeing 737 MAX remains grounded, a new Senate investigation has launched and details of a federal grand jury have emerged, the latest in a series of probes looking into how the plane was certified and the problems that have occurred since.

"Time is needed for additional work by Boeing as the result of an ongoing review of the 737 MAX Flight Control System to ensure that Boeing has identified and appropriately addressed all pertinent issues", the FAA wrote.

Boeing also is continuing to work closely with the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) as technical advisors in support of the AIB investigation. Investigations are also looking at the role of the Federal Aviation Administration in the USA, which certified the Max in 2017, declined to ground it after the first deadly crash in October. Air travelers have been forced to reschedule canceled flights and airlines are losing money while their new planes remain parked on the ground until further notice.

"Given the many serious questions surrounding the Boeing 737 Max and the FAA's certification process, it has become abundantly clear that an independent body must be able to review every step of the process and help restore public confidence. well before the Max is allowed to be restored to service", Mr DeFazio said in a statement. Boeing is working on improvements to the MCAS software that would make it less aggressive in pointing the nose down and easier for pilots to disable.

"Those planes should never fly again", Nader said.

The Federal Aviation Administration, which has come under fire over the way it chose to certify the plane and its MCAS software, cautioned the investigation had not yet concluded.

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However, it wasn't clear whether the Ethiopian pilots followed Boeing's recommendations to the letter.

The pilots initially followed Boeing's emergency steps by disconnecting the MCAS system, but for an unknown reason, they turned the system back on, an official familiar with the crash investigation told The Associated Press on Wednesday, speaking on condition of anonymity because investigators had not yet released their preliminary report.

Ethiopian Transport Minister Dagmawit Moges said MCAS needs to be reviewed by Boeing and aviation authorities before the plane is back in the air. I heard the full report may take one year.

The MCAS system is meant to compensate for thisby overriding the pilot and forcing the plane's nose down, if data from an "angle of attack" (AOA) - sensor indicates the jet's nose is too high. One of the sensors, called Angle of Attack, malfunctioned in the Lion Air crash, triggering the MCAS system. This is something that is very rare in aviation.

Hours later, Boeing Company CEO Dennis Muilenburg conceded that it was a software error that caused the 737 Max jets to crash, but he noted that most aviation accidents are "caused by a chain of events".

The timeline of the flight, detailed in the preliminary report, reveals that the pilots' struggle to control the plane began moments after it left the ground. MCAS points the nose down by moving the stabilizer with the motors. Instead, the pilots tried to use the backup manual trim wheel to adjust the trim, but the airplane was traveling too fast and the manual trim wheel would have been physically impossible to operate.

"We are slightly taking their word for what they are saying is in the report", Quest said. "It seems likely they've got more things going on at once in a shorter time period".

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