Borderlands Is Getting Review Bombed On Steam Over Epic Store Exclusivity

Did Borderlands just leak its own release date

Borderlands 3 release date posted, and deleted, on Twitter alongside Epic Games Store announcement

The PC video game store wars rage on, with the newly announced Borderlands 3 the latest game to pick a side.

The Borderlands series and its DLC has had a huge influx of negative reviews in the wake of the news that Borderlands 3 will be an Epic Store exclusive.

Therefore, they are annoyed that Borderlands 3 now be available for about six months on PC only through the Epic Games Store.

The announcement of Borderlands 3 made a lot of waves in the gaming community this past week, pulling in almost five million views on its official reveal trailer in just a matter of days.

With Epic now ready to take more exclusives, what's your thoughts on this?

The new trailer for Borderlands 3 is here, and while it reveals a ton of new gameplay footage, characters and "a billion guns", it also had one other surprise: a definitive release date of September 13th.

Unfortunately, this is not limited to Borderlands 2.

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"I'm the controlling shareholder in Epic Games, and have been since 1991". On the surface, it's just a game about many, many line puzzles, but really, it's a game about learning and making breakthroughs.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has backtracked on statements made by his company regarding exclusivity deals.

"Ubisoft supports our model and trusts us to deliver a smooth journey for players, from pre-purchase to the game's release", Sweeney added, reflecting on The Divisions 2's exclusivity.

Epic Games Store has the money to afford exclusive deals, however, Steam has a die-hard community behind it.

Like most review bombings, this one doesn't seem poised to have much effect.

"2K/Take Two has exclusive publishing rights for Borderlands 3 and makes all [related] decisions.", he explained, while insinuating that cross-platform multiplayer might be a possibility: "Epic's leadership with cross-platform play is helpful to our interests".

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