New Nintendo Switch controller comes with online chat built in

NES – Nintendo Switch Online adds Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream, and Star Soldier on April 10

Here Are April's Free Nintendo Switch Online NES Games

If you're a Nintendo Switch player, you can score a brand new pair of Joy-Cons on a discount.

Hopoo Games have gone on record saying they plan to release the game on consoles for version 1.0, but have no plans to bring the current early access version of the game to Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch anytime soon. In addition to the classic enemies already known to fans worldwide, there are also Poison Mushrooms, backward Warp Zones and the occasional wind gust (which can help or hinder your progress).

Punch-Out! Featuring Mr. Dream - As young boxer Little Mac, players have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to battle the big guys of the World Video Boxing Association circuit. Battle up through King Hippo and all the way to the WVBA Champion himself.

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Star Soldier, developed by Hudson Soft, launched in 1986 as a spiritual successor to Tecmo's Star Force. Those who know their Nintendo history will be aware that this sequel was originally only released in Japan. Your mission is to halt a galactic invasion masterminded by Starbrain, a giant computer inhabiting a floating space station. A completely fictional character named Mr. Dream was supplanted instead in the games, and we haven't seen an official Punch-Out! featuring Mike Tyson in some time. Just plug in your PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch controller of choice and have some fun.

Punch-Out! Featuring Mr. Dream ©1987, 1990 Nintendo.

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