Emilia Clarke Feared She Lost Her Acting Ability After Brain Aneurysms

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The final season premiere of Game of Thrones is less than two weeks away, and fans are dying to finally find out how things will end for their favorite characters in Westeros.

The 32-year-old Game of Thrones actress made an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning airing on Sunday (April 7) on CBS. When we last checked up on Daenerys, she was getting very friendly with a particular relative of hers, Jon Snow, although they still have no idea they're part of the same family.

Last month, Clarke revealed in an emotional essay titled "A Battle For My Life" - which was published by the New Yorker - that she had almost died after suffering a brain aneurysm aged just 24. "I just think it's handsome that. she's so courageous in helping the world and trying to raise awareness". I just think it's handsome that. "I wish I could sit here and say, 'I was like, let's go jump out of a plane.'" She jokingly added, "But I did do Game of Thrones, which was similar, certain seasons".

"And somewhere, at some point in my life, I knew that that meant brain damage", she said.

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Emilia spoke about her battle in an essay for the New Yorker, where she explained that in February 2011 she was in a workout class when she started feeling "shooting, stabbing, constricting pain" in her head and was rushed to the hospital for a three-hour surgery. Make sure to subscribe now and never miss an episode!

She also reflected on suffering from aphasia - which impairs language and the ability to speak, read or write - after a second, more painful surgery where doctors had to cut open her skull.

As one of, if not the, most hyped television seasons of all time approaches its one week countdown, we finally get the teaser we have all been waiting for.

OK, so I don't know what's happening, but I love everything about this.

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