Boeing dealing with second software problem on troubled 737 Max jets

Ethiopian Airlines preliminary report Tom Foreman ATH

First preliminary report of Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 released

It has also brought uncomfortable scrutiny over new software, pilot training and regulatory rigour.

"We continue to work toward a full understanding of all aspects of this accident", the FAA said in a statement Thursday, after the preliminary report was released. "That is extremely curious".

Boeing has insisted safety is at the core of its activities in response to the preliminary report into the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302.

He said that safety was a core value for everyone at Boeing and the safety of its airplanes, customers, passengers and crews was always a top priority.

"This should not happen to anyone again and that's why we're here", said Michael Stumo, Samya's father. As soon as they retracted the landing gear, flaps and slats, it began to feed faulty data into the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), created to prevent stalls. Now, the manufacturer says it is nearing the completion, expecting certification and the update implementation on global 737 MAX fleet "in the weeks ahead".

The history of our industry shows most accidents are caused by a chain of events.

Initial findings of an investigation into the crash revealed an "erroneous activation" of anti-stall software on the 737 Max, which automatically forces the plane's nose downward, contributed to both deadly accidents. Twenty seconds later it went off again, throwing the plane into a steep nose dive.

But the report says "the throttles did not move", without elaborating. Since the Lion Air crash, the manufacturer has had teams of engineers and technical experts working with the U.S.

"Shortly after liftoff, the value of the left angle of attack sensor deviated from the right one and reached 74.5 degrees while the right angle of attack sensor value was 15.3 degrees", the report said.

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Indonesia's Garuda Airlines has said it will cancel an order for 49 MAX jets, and other airlines - including Lion Air, whose MAX 8 crashed off the coast of Indonesia in October previous year - have raised the possibility of cancelling. Aboulafia speaks on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Australia".

He said that it was the similar case in the recent two accidents, adding that pilots had stated that erroneous activation of the MCAS function could add to what was already a high workload environment.

"We have the responsibility to eliminate this risk, and we know how to do it", Muilenburg wrote.

Ethiopian Airlines plane crash wreckage at the site where the plane dived into the ground.

"I think everyone involved in this program is going to feel a bit skittish after these tragedies", Aboulafia said. "What steps were taken, what steps were missed?"

Some experienced pilots said there were an array of stressful factors sapping the pilots' attention, which Muilenburg addressed on Thursday. Boeing acknowledged that a sensor in the Ethiopian Airlines jet malfunctioned, triggering MCAS when it was not needed.

Before it picked up speed in its final dive, the plane was flying as fast as 365 knots, or 420 miles an hour - nearly twice the usual top speed at that low altitude. At that point, they were a mere 3,000 feet above the airport, so low that a new warning - a computerized voice saying "don't sink" - sounded in the cabin.

Pilots of each plane struggled in vain to regain control over the automated system. They want to sell more.

"Flight crews will always have the ability to override MCAS and manually control the airplane", he said. For reasons that haven't been explained, they didn't try to also trim the plane using switches on their control yokes.

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