Hundreds gather near White House to demand Mueller report release

Hearing erupts in laughter as Democrat shuts down GOP Jim Jordan’s Mueller rant with one simple question

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Mr Nadler, a Democrat, called on Mr Barr to immediately release summaries of the document prepared by Mr Mueller's team.

The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday approved a subpoena to obtain the full confidential report from special counsel Robert Mueller, sending a warning to Attorney General William Barr not to redact Mueller's report and setting the stage for a clash between Congress and the Trump administration. Mr. Barr says he can not legally hand over the entire report because it contains information related to a grand jury, or to ongoing prosecutions, or that is classified or may unduly infringe on personal privacy. According to The Times, however, Mueller's investigators had already written multiple summaries of the report, and some of them believe Barr should have included more of their material in the initial four-page letter he sent to Congress laying out his principal conclusions.

In his letter, Barr said that the special counsel did not establish a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation. Barr said he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein then determined there wasn't not enough evidence to support obstruction charges.

In a party-line vote, the committee voted 24-17 to approve a resolution authorizing subpoenas for Mueller's report, including accompanying exhibits and other attachments, as well as its underlying evidence.

Instead, he said he is intending to give the attorney general "time to change his mind" about redacting the Mueller report before submitting it to Congress, Politico also noted.

Nadler nearly certainly will not issue the subpoena immediately.

US President Donald Trump is in hot soup over the Mueller report.

Boot emphasizes that considering how close-lipped Mueller's team was during the Russian Federation investigation, the fact that they are "now leaking for the first time in 22 months is an indication of how upset they are" and "how seriously" Barr has "blundered".

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Barr told congressional leaders last week that he plans to release what he can of the report and that he expects his department "will be in a position to release the report by mid-April, if not sooner".

"Release the report, release the report", the crowd chanted in Times Square. The White House has also not received a preview copy of the report.

Unlike the "independent counsel" who investigated Clinton and was supervised by a federal judge, Mueller was appointed under newer "special counsel" regulations that make him a part of the Justice Department - working under the attorney general as does any federal prosecutor. "R. Crim. P. 6 (e)' - a law that protects confidential grand jury information - and therefore could not be publicly released", DOJ spokesperson Keri Kupec released in a statement.

On Thursday, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., said those alleged summaries could contain important information for the public.

"The New York Times had no legitimate sources, which would be totally illegal, concerning the Mueller Report", Trump wrote on Twitter.

That New York Times report, Boot adds, hasn't been the only bad news for Trump this week.

"I think Mueller had really no choice but to punt on this question and leave it to Barr to decide, and Barr, predictably, concluded there was no basis for a prosecution", Lazare told hosts John Kiriakou and Walter Smolarek.

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