Google adds new features to Gmail

Smart Compose for Gmail is getting some upgrades and support on more devices soon

Smart Compose for Gmail is getting some upgrades and support on more devices

Google celebrated the 15th anniversary of Gmail yesterday by announcing a bunch of new features.

"Gmail's tabbed inbox feature was the first of its kind, helping you organise messages by category, so you can see what's new at a glance". The feature allows you to send an email next morning, next afternoon, on a certain day, or you can simply pick the exact date and time you want to send the email.

Numerous features Google just added to Gmail are also available in the browser extension Boomerang, including email scheduling and predictive typing. Smart Compose is also coming to the mobile version of the app.

Smart Compose is also getting more smarts, Gmail product lead Jacob Bank said in a blog post. In this version, for example, it might auto-suggest "Hey" as a salutation, if that's the way you usually write, and suggest subject lines, too.

While these changes are generally welcome upgrades to Gmail, they still might not be quite enough to soothe the sting of Google Inbox users, who are scheduled to lose access to Inbox tomorrow (April 3) when Google shuts down the service for good. The company plans to bring other features to its Spark Mail for Android app soon, including third-party integrations, quick replies, calendar, templates, and team delegation.

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Google is bringing in two new features to Gmail. We've got you covered with a look at the best Google Inbox alternatives on Android.

Secondly, Google is adding email scheduling to Gmail. You can make a short-swipe to the left to pin or unpin an email, a long swipe to the left to delete an email, a short swipe to the right to mark emails as read/unread, and a long swipe to the right to archive emails.

One of the risks of heavily relying on Smart Compose is sounding like a robot wrote your email.

This is a very convenient feature that has many use cases: preparing emails for when you're going to be out of the office, on a plane or on vacation.

Last week, Google announced Dynamic Email Functionality that would let developers make static mails dynamic, interactive and actionable.

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