Alliance of American Football suspending 'all football operations,'

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				Marquise Williams throws a pass for San Antonio against Arizona in an AAF game.			Getty Images

Enlarge Image Marquise Williams throws a pass for San Antonio against Arizona in an AAF game. Getty Images

The AAF is a first-year, eight-team professional football league that began play in February, one week after the 2019 Super Bowl. Tom Dundon, who also owns the NHL's Carolina Panthers, had to pledge a $250 million investment to save the league at that point and he essentially became the league's new owner.

Last week a players' union official told USA Today, on condition of anonymity, that the NFLPA believes using active NFL players and practice squad members would violate terms of the league's collective bargaining agreement and run afoul of limitations on mandatory offseason workouts and practices.

On Tuesday, Albert Breer of The MMQB offered a possible explanation: "Perception inside the AAF is that Dundon bought a majority stake in the league simply for the gambling app being developed".

Action Network's Darren Rovell is reporting that the AAF will suspend football operations "immediately".

The playoffs are on the horizon for the Alliance of America Football, but apparently so too could be the end of the league.

"If you're an AAF player and the league does dissolve".

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Regardless of all the chatter about fans wanting football in the spring, we continue to wait for a secondary pro league to succeed in America.

In addition to concerns of whether or not lending players would violate the NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) terms, the official explained that National Football League players could be seriously injured in an AAF game resulting in a player missing an National Football League season, which could lead to financial ramifications and a loss of valuable experience.

Not even the arrival of Heisman victor Johnny Manziel could save the league although Manziel did offer up advice to his fellow AAF players.

The Fleet, as well as the AAF's seven other teams, had played eight of 10 regular season games slated for the league's inaugural season.

The XFL will launch is scheduled to relaunch in 2020.

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