Samsung dual folding smartphone design is quite similar to Xiaomi's foldable smartphone

Here's a 34-second video of Samsung folding the Galaxy Fold over and over again

Samsung Wants You To Trust The Galaxy Fold

Now, Samsung is conceding, with its very own "test" video that shows stress-testing robots bending the Galaxy Fold hundreds of times.

We're a little less than a month away now from the U.S. debut of Samsung's first foldable phone hitting the market here, which will arrive at a time when the idea of a bendable form factor has spread like wildfire throughout the global smartphone industry.

"Given the smartphone's design, a folding test was a pivotal part of the Galaxy Fold's durability assessment", a Samsung announcement explains. Fold the two sides back, and you have a display that covers the entirety of the device.

Samsung claims that the device is good for 200,000 folds and unfolds, which equals according to Samsung to "around five years of use, if used 100 times a day".

Xiaomi has posted a ten-second teaser video for its new foldable phone, apparently called the Mi Fold.

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We've reached out to Samsung for comment and will update this post once we have more information.

The Galaxy Fold will officially launch at the end of April for €2,000 in Europe and for $1,980 in the US.

There's a new Samsung Galaxy Fold video demoing the forthcoming foldable phone going through a torture test less than one month from the official release date.

The Galaxy Fold user lauds the hinge, and says that it is sturdy enough and doesn't bend the phone the wrong way, accidentally causing it to break.

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