Katko joins failed bid to override Trump veto on border emergency

House vote to stop Trump's border wall plan likely to fail

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The U.S. House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution directing the Justice Department to give Congress all records on Federal Bureau of Investigation obstruction of justice or counterintelligence probes against President Donald Trump.

The 248-181 vote Tuesday was short of the two-thirds majority needed to overturn Trump's first veto, as most Republicans voted against the resolution despite the public unpopularity of the emergency declaration.

The outcome, not a surprise, enabled Trump to move forward on an issue that was a hallmark of his 2016 presidential campaign and of his presidency. Mueller's investigation also exonerated the president from claims that he had colluded with Russian Federation during the 2016 election.

Congress sent Trump a resolution this month annulling the national emergency that Trump had declared at the U.S. -Mexico border. Democrats in US Congress have, however, tried to pass a bill requiring the release of the full report, but Republicans in the Senate blocked it.

Trump vetoed that measure nearly immediately.

Trump's national emergency declaration is also facing several lawsuits.

The House Democrats argued the Republican president had overstepped his authority by going around Congress's refusal to fund a border wall, because the legislature has the power to control spending under the Constitution.

Americans are focused on "what's happening in their lives", she said. "Between honouring our sacred oath or hypocritically, inconsistently breaking this oath".

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"What we have here is an act of constitutional vandalism - the executive trying to steal the power of the purse from Congress", said Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas.

Arriving at the Senate to meet with Republicans, Trump falsely claimed Mueller's report found "no obstruction, no collusion".

Rep. Paul Mitchell, R-Mich., called the veto override effort "a partisan whack job" because of its certain defeat. That vote came after the House passed the same resolution in February , where 13 Republicans crossed the aisle.

"As I predicted, 16 states, led mostly by Open Border Democrats and the Radical Left, have filed a lawsuit in, of course, the 9th Circuit!"

Tuesday's vote was the legislative finale of a showdown that's been building for months.

The failed vote removes one roadblock from the administration's effort to secure significant border wall funding from a Congress reluctant to give it to him.

The fight is over billions of dollars Mr. Trump is trying to shift from the Pentagon's accounts to go to wall-building along the southern border. Though the list was tentative, Democrats were asserting that GOP lawmakers were endangering local bases to pay for the wall.

Democrats were expected to fight the emergency declaration in courts. He warned that if lawmakers allow it to happen, future presidents of both parties will have great power to ignore Congress. Just 14 Republicans joined 234 Democrats in voting to override, one more Republican than had bucked Trump in a previous House vote on the border wall emergency. On Tuesday, Trump opponents will need to reach 288 votes to prevail. Republicans were hoping to avoid a confrontation with him for fear of alienating pro-Trump voters. Both the House and Senate did vote to stop the emergency, but the president's veto trumped them.

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