Gantz denounces extremism, calls for unity in AIPAC talk

Unsavory Agents

Unsavory Agents

Embattled Rep. Ilhan Omar slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to AIPAC Tuesday; accusing the organization of opposing "efforts to guarantee peace and human rights in the region".

"From this Benjamin, it's not about the Benjamins!" Netanyahu had said in an video address to the American Israeli Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. Tuesday morning, referring to Omar's infamous tweet accusing USA politicians of being beholden to Israeli money.

"It is wrong to boycott Israel and it is wrong to boycott AIPAC", Pence said, referencing not only the candidates' absence but the "boycott, divestment and sanctions" movement that seeks to cripple Israel's economy.

"Plain and simple, the Democratic party supports Israel and we will continue to do so and we will maintain that bipartisan relationship through thick and thin".

Netanyahu is facing three separate corruption and bribery charges in Israel for allegedly trading government concessions for favourable media coverage and for allegedly accepting gifts from wealthy business figures.

Washington has been alighted by a political brush fire ever since comments by first-year Representative Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota Democrat and one of two Muslim women elected in 2018, were interpreted as critical of Israel and critical of AIPAC with some claiming her comments were anti-Semitic.

Netanyahu also addressed the rise of anti-Semitism in the U.S. "Ladies and gentlemen, in recent weeks, we've heard a lot about the rise of forces who want to pull America and Israel apart".

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Hoyer, the second-ranking Democrat in the House, explained that he is not Jewish and neither are the majority of his constituents, but that he has traveled to Israel multiple times and witnessed firsthand "the courage of its people and their enduring spirit to make their country flourish".

It's a significantly more modest deliverable than AIPAC's push for the Israel Anti-Boycott Act during last year's lobbying day. He has repeatedly used the dustup over Omar's criticism of AIPAC to paint Democrats as dangerously anti-Semitic in hopes of generating a "Jexodus" of Jews moving out of the Democratic Party. Earlier this month, the House passed a watered-down resolution that was meant to censure Omar's comments. Despite this controversy, the Penn Israel Public Affairs Committee, which is also known as PIPAC, is attending the AIPAC Conference, held from March 24 to March 26. She told him that, "They hate us". Kamala Harris of California and Sen. "So, when someone accuses American supporters of Israel of dual loyalty, I say: Accuse me".

Hoyer has since said his comments about freshman Democrats were "misinterpreted", clarifying that he wasn't singling out specific members as much as he was "lamenting" that the media doesn't focus on other "excellent new members".

Omar, who did not attend the conference, had accused the pro-Israeli lobby of paying politicians to support Israel. "And the Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives are enabling it by standing silently by", Cheney said.

"When she talked about Israel, I don't think she was going after Jewish people or their faith", Mohammed said.

"I'm troubled that numerous declared Democratic presidential candidates seem to be avoiding this very gathering", McConnell said, reported the news station.

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