Ethiopian Airlines commits to Boeing ties despite flight 302 crash questions

An Ethiopian airlines plane prepares

Boeing to Brief Pilots, Regulators as it Eyes 737 MAX Return

Boeing is meeting with pilots, engineers and regulators as the company tries to reassure the aerospace world in the aftermath of two crashes by its bestselling 737 Max airliner.

Flight ET 302 crashed on March 10 just minutes into its flight to Nairobi. "They have been a partner of ours for many years", he wrote.

"We will work with investigators in Ethiopia, in the U.S. and elsewhere to figure out what went wrong", he added. This is the first time both Chao and Elwell will be appearing before Congress since the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 earlier this month. But on Sunday, the Times said the disagree alert would become standard on all new 737 MAX planes, and the angle-of-attack indicator would be provided free of charge for customers who want it.

The air carrier added that it was "waiting patiently" for the results of the investigation on 737 MAX design and certification, which was launched globally after the March tragedy.

At the very least, it looks like Boeing and the FAA are going to be under more intense scrutiny for some time.

Indonesia's Lion Air cancelled a Ksh600 billion ($6 billion) order for 49 Boeing 737 Max 8 jets and opted to have the Airbus instead.

The Justice Department's criminal division is looking into the Max jets, the Transportation Department's inspector general is investigating the way they were certified, and Congress is planning several hearings, including one Wednesday.

A team of experts, including people from Ethiopia's Ministry of Transport, is examining data from the black boxes recovered at the site of the crash on 10 March near Addis Ababa.

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In fact, the pilots and crew of the Lion Air flight were not even aware of the system; the captain reportedly consulted a technical manual in the jet's final airborne moments.

Regulators grounded the worldwide MAX fleet after an Ethiopian Airlines MAX crash killed all 157 people on board this month, wiping almost 15 percent off shares in the world's biggest planemaker.

Ethiopian Airlines is a symbol of huge national pride for the country of more than 100 million people. But he did say that it would be hard for Boeing to restore trust in the 737 MAX aircraft's safety, and he was critical of Boeing's failure to do more to inform airlines of the changes in operation related to MCAS when it was introduced.

United States' commercial airplane manufacturer, Boeing, has tested software changes to a key stabilisation system on the embattled B737Max aircraft.Pilots from three US carriers - American, Southwest and United - conducted the test-run that proved successful, ahead of an update session with about 200 pilots and technicians this Wednesday.

This week, Congress joins the investigation into Boeing and the FAA.

At the gathering, pilots from the three American carriers, plus two smaller non-US airlines, ran simulated flights created to mimic the situation that brought down the Lion Air flight in Indonesia previous year, using the current and updated software, according to the person briefed on the session.

Asked for details about the timeline for the fix, a Boeing spokesman would only say it would be installed in "coming weeks".

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