Israel's Netanyahu heads to Washington for talks on Golan Heights, Iran

US to recognize Golan Heights as Israeli territory Monday: Israeli FM

Looking for Election Boost, Israel's Netanyahu in US to Meet with Trump

"We have never had such a bond between the prime minister of Israel and an American president".

Netanyahu and Trump are scheduled to meet in the White House for a working meeting on Monday before Trump will host Netanyahu for a dinner on Tuesday, according to a White House statement last week.

The visit was so unexpected that one of the anchors later said that he thought it was a joke for the Jewish holiday of Purim.

Netanyahu, in the run-up to the election, has stressed his friendship with Trump. "I thought I would stop here because I would need to shatter this wave of lies". Specifically, it centers on impropriety surrounding a $2 billion contract for submarines and navy ships with the German firm ThyssenKrupp.

"I think it is good foreign policy for Israel, and it's good foreign policy for the United States", the Texas senator said, adding that he has previously introduced legislation in the past several months that recognizes Israel's control over the region.

The four say Netanyahu may have pushed for an unnecessary submarine acquisition from Germany's Thyssenkrupp to boost the stock of a company in which he had owned shares. Ilhan Omar suggested politicians are overly influenced by pro-Israel donors' campaign contributions. The two often call each other friends in public comments, as they did when the Israeli leader visited Washington in February 2017. He claims not to have made a shekel from the submarine deal, which progressed despite objections from his defense minister at the time.

Among the Israelis attending are former Israeli army chief Benny Gantz, head of the "centrist" Blue and White party challenging Netanyahu's Likud in the coming election.

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"Those things must be investigated", he said in a news briefing Sunday.

Israeli army has raised the state of alert in the occupied Golan Heights after the US President Donald Trump announced he would recognise Israel's sovereignty over the territory, Quds Press reported yesterday.

Trump's move bolsters Netanyahu's re-election bid while compromising much of the US's own global agenda. It confirms his standing as Israel's best friend in the US, which will help him with evangelists and Jewish supporters of Israel as the USA heads into its own presidential campaign in 2020.

The Golan was just the latest in a list of wins that Netanyahu is highlighting that he has secured from the administration.

The President has earlier recognised the disputed city of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, moved the American Embassy there from Tel Aviv, and stopped aid to Palestinian refugees.

Once Netanyahu arrives in Washington, expect the two leaders to gush about one another.

Netanyahu said before his departure that he wanted to talk with Trump about Syria, and additional sanctions against Israel's arch enemy Iran.

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