What we know about Boeing 737 MAX crash and what comes next

Boeing says finalizing software upgrade, revising pilot training for 737 Max

Trump Finally Announces FAA Chief Nominee Amid Airline Safety Crisis

The retired airline captain also criticized Boeing's response to the Lion Air crash, pointing out that a new software fix created to avert automatic MCAS takeover has not been implemented even five months after the first crash, and that Boeing CEO's personally lobbied President Trump to keep the 737 Max in flying in US airspace before the White House finally ordered the planes grounded last week.

On the same aircraft the evening before the crash, a captain at Lion Air's full-service sister carrier, Batik Air, was riding along in the cockpit and solved the similar flight control problems, two of the sources said.

Southwest Airlines Co. and American Airlines Group Inc., the two largest MAX operators in the United States, said they have bolstered their reservation and operations teams to figure out how to spread flight cancellations across their networks, not just on MAX flights. He told them to cut power to the motor in the trim system which was responsible for driving the nose downwards. A Boeing spokesman said the company does not respond to, or comment on, questions concerning legal matters.

Representatives for Boeing and the Indonesian safety committee declined the news agency's request for comment.

Lion Air Flight JT610 took off from the Jakarta on October 29, 2018. According to the preliminary report, airline mechanics had tried four times to fix the problem, and yet the aircraft still flew.

"Boeing and the FAA have been found wanting in this ugly saga that began years ago but has come home to roost with two awful fatal crashes, with no survivors, in less than five months, on a new airplane type, the Boeing 737 Max 8, something that is unprecedented in modern aviation history", Sullenberger wrote.

The first officer did not specify the issue, but a source said airspeed was mentioned in the voice recording.

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Pilots have complained they were not informed about the new system, which can force the nose of the plane down if it gets an erroneous reading from a sensor making it appear the plane is at risk of stalling.

The captain then asked the first officer to check the quick reference handbook, which contains checklists for abnormal events.

The Indian-born captain was silent at the end, all three sources said, while the Indonesian first officer said "Allahu Akbar", or "God is greatest", a common Arabic phrase in the majority-Muslim country that can be used to express excitement, shock, praise or distress.

The revelation that an extra pilot saved the plane the day before the crash has never been reported before, according to Bloomberg. The company has declined to comment on the criminal probe.

The investigation expanded to include the January 2000 crash of Alaska Flight 261 that killed 88 people, which the National Transportation Safety Board later blamed on the airline's faulty maintenance practices and poor FAA oversight.

Various firms are reconsidering Boeing orders, and some airlines are revising profit forecasts given they now can not count on maintenance and fuel savings factored in from the MAX.

Officials inspect an engine recovered the crashed Lion Air jet in Jakarta, Indonesia previous year.

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