Mike Trout, baseball's $430 million man, is actually underpaid

Sources - Angels, Trout near $430M extension

Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels agree on 12-year, $430 million contract: Report

Mike Trout is on the verge of a 12-year, $430 million contract extension with the Los Angeles Angels that will stand as the largest professional sports contract in recorded history.

The deal would smash the massive contract signed by Bryce Harper - 13 years, $330 million with the Philadelphia Phillies - on March 2.

Trout, who has won two American League MVP awards and finished second four times, will receive an average of almost $36 million a year, topping Zack Greinke's previous record average of $34.4 million with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Under the terms of the deal, 27-year-old Trout will receive an average salary of almost $36 million a year, topping Zack Greinke's previous record average of $34.4 million.

WAR is not a ideal statistic by any means - and it is subjective enough that a second version, with different math, exists at Baseball-Reference.com - but using the above figures, it is fair to say Trout has been roughly 50 percent better than the second-best player in baseball, Donaldson, over the past six seasons.

A 27-year-old outfielder entering what should be his prime years, Trout is considered baseball's top player and would have been coveted as a free agent after the 2020 season.

Trout is nearing a deal to remain with Los Angeles on a 10-year contract extension worth a record amount of $363.5 million. He's been the consensus best player in baseball since his first full season in 2012.

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There is no question that Trout deserves a contract of this size.

Plenty of record-setting contracts have been signed in the last few years.

Joked Pujols of Trout: "Pretty sure I ain't paying one more dinner for him".

If they don't, they'll have to compete on the open market for one of the best players in the game - and put a Trout-like number on the table to convince Betts to stay in Boston. After an impressive year in 2009, Trout caught the eye of Major League Baseball scouts, and was drafted by the Angels with the 25th overall pick in that year's draft.

A change of position in his senior year of high school may not have seemed like much at the time, but it set Mike Trout up for sports' biggest pay day.

The Red Sox, according to a source, made the eight-year offer following a 2017 season in which Betts finished sixth for AL MVP, but had a year significantly down from 2016, when he finished second.

Trout has led the league in on-base percentage for the last three years, has twice led the league in slugging percentage, has led the league in OPS three times, has led the league in runs scored four times, and has led the league in walks three times.

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