Jazz Fan Permanently Banned After Altercation With Russell Westbrook

Update Utah Jazz Ban Fan Who Disrespected Russell Westbrook

NBA: Russell Westbrook unleashes profanity-laden tirade at fan after being provoked

According to Russell Westbrook, Raymond Felton and Patrick Patterson, the fan in Utah told Westbrook to, "Get on your knees like you are used to". I was the one talking to him...but don't threaten a woman.

"I promise you, everything I love", Westbrook said. "I'll f- you up!"' "I swear to god", he can be seen saying to Keisel, in the beginning in a video, linked here due to language. In the video, Westbrook could be heard shouting toward the stands: "I'll f-k you up". However, a litany of Twitter sleuths quickly got to work searching Keisel's account and uncovered a history of egregious tweets, some of them overtly racial in nature, at least one of which included use of the n-word, and some that even addressed Westbrook directly. "I promise you", Westbrook said to a security guard behind the bench at the beginning of the video posted to Twitter. "For me, that's just completely disrespectful".

"... There are some people who come to the game to say disrespectful things about me and my family". This fan will never be able to attend a Jazz game again. But while the occasional verbal clap back from a superstar pushed too far is more than understandable, you can't but think Russell Westbrook may have gone just a shade too far here.

"We have his back", Gobert told ESPN.

He also said his partner "never left her seat, never said a word". She never stood up.

The fan, Shane Keisel denies telling Westbrook "get on your knees like you're used to", but told news reporters last night that he said, "Ice those knees up!"

"We were just two men, I thought, having fun initially", he said.

The comment, and threatening a woman, is not a good look for the image-conscious National Basketball Association - especially since it came from a former Most Valuable Player and one of the game's biggest stars. "So this guy needs to be exposed".

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Westbrook has testy encounter with fans in Utah

A statement provided to CNN by the Utah Jazz on Monday said the team was investigating the incident and that warning cards had been issued to fans in the arena.

Oklahoma won the game 98-89, with Westbrook scoring 23 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists.

The incident was reminiscent of the finale of last year's first-round playoff series between the Jazz and Thunder, in which Utah ousted OKC in Game 6, after which Westbrook became involved with a fan as he exited the court.

In its statement, the Utah Jazz said, "Players and fans have a shared responsibility to create a safe and respectful environment".

Westbrook's teammates came to his defense following the game.

Inappropriate fan behavior inside Vivint Arena won't be tolerated. It's truly disrespectful. Talk about your families, your kids.

The incident with Westbrook is not the first time he has dealt with unruly fans in Utah, though.

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