Trump's 2020 Budget Includes $8.6 Billion for Border Wall

Trump plans to ask for another $8.6B to fund border wall: report

Pelosi, Schumer threaten another gov't shutdown over President Trump's request for border wall funds

President Donald Trump's 2020 budget seeks a return to what the administration calls "fiscal sanity", cutting spending while focusing federal funding on defense and the U.S. -Mexico border.

President Donald Trump's pursuit of funding for his border wall will only lead to another government shutdown, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) warned on Sunday.

The demand, part of the administration's budget request for fiscal year 2020, is more than six times what Congress allocated for border projects in each of the past two fiscal years and slightly more than Trump has corralled by invoking emergency powers this year.

Two administration officials on Sunday confirmed that the request was part of Trump's spending blueprint for the 2020 budget year that begins October 1. Many Democratic leaders have said they will oppose the sweep of the White House's proposed budget cuts, though White House officials have signalled they plan to fight over the budget much harder this year, believing it provides a sharp contrast between Democrats and Republicans heading into the final year of Trump's first term. The White House identified priorities as, "strategic competition with Russian Federation and China, countering rogue regimes such as North Korea and Iran, defeating terrorist threats, and consolidating gains in Iraq and Afghanistan".

The concept, as laid out in Monday's budget proposal, would limit spending on prescription drugs for seniors with Medicare coverage, providing financial certainty to both patients and drug manufacturers while leaving the government to pick up the tab for anything seniors spend on drugs past a certain threshold.

Still, White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow says the president won't back down.

The budget proposal calls for $2.7 trillion in spending cuts for various federal agencies and programs while also calling for increased spending on defense and border security.

"Congress refused to fund his wall and he was forced to admit defeat and reopen the government".

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Trump would also renew his fight over a border wall and up the ante by requesting $8.6 billion in fiscal 2020, a 50 percent increase from the $5.7 billion he sought from Congress this year. The one-time allocation is championed by the president's daughter Ivanka Trump. The president has resisted big, bipartisan budget deals that break budget caps, threatening to veto one a year ago.

Trump's budget request calls for spending $30 million on the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, a program meant to remove toxic pollution, fight invasive species and deal with other longstanding environmental problems in the eight-state region. "While demanding billions more for his wasteful, ineffective wall, President Trump will steal from students and hungry families, from rural communities and American farmers, from clean air and clean water, and from vital, job-creating investments nationwide".

Trump is also seeking a 5 percent cut in domestic spending, following through on a pledge at a Cabinet meeting last fall to "get rid of the fat, get rid of the waste" with a uniform spending cut.

The border wall remains a signature issue for the president, even though Congress refuses to give him more money for it.

The budget would arrive as the Senate readies to vote this week to terminate Trump's national emergency declaration. The administration is promising to backfill those funds, senators said.

Congressional Democrats and Republicans "are highly motivated" to reach another two-year budget deal and "the chances are good there will be another negotiated budget outcome", said Thornberry of Texas. If Trump can win on his declaration in court - and there's a reasonably good chance of that - he can continue to redirect funds in each budget year until the emergency comes to an end.

Trump again is asking Congress to slash funding for the Environmental Protection Agency by about a third, a request that Congress previously rejected. But that was only one-fourth of what the president had asked for to build part of the wall, so he declared a national emergency in an attempt to acquire more funding.

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