Trudeau Says He Is Disappointed by Second Cabinet Minister Resignation

Justin Trudeau: second minister resigns from cabinet as scandal deepens

In blow to Canadian PM Trudeau, second minister quits over scandal

That's the lowest close since March 2, 2016.

The sight of a former minister accusing the prime minister of improper conduct electrified opinion.

November 5 and 19 - SNC-Lavalin meets with Mathieu Bouchard, another senior adviser in the Prime Minister's Office, to discuss "justice and law enforcement". She was first elected in 2015 when Trudeau's became prime minister.

Philpott, a physician considered a star in Trudeau's cabinet, had previously served as minister of health and minister of indigenous services.

Wilson-Raybould praised the "incomparable" Philpott's decision to leave the cabinet, describing her as a "Mother of Country".

February 11 - Ethics commissioner Mario Dion says he's beginning an investigation.

"Canadians need the assurance that, in all matters, Members of Parliament will act in the best interests of the public", she said.

The recent events, including the SNC-Lavalin scandal, "have shaken the federal government in recent weeks and after serious reflection..." She must have felt Jody Wilson-Raybould's testimony last week was so compelling there were not two sides to this story.

As the House of Commons justice committee continues to hear testimony related to the case, Trudeau's party is trailing in the polls.

New Brunswick Liberal MP Wayne Long reiterated his call for a "full and transparent investigation" into the SNC-Lavalin affair.

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Trudeau Chief of Staff Katie Telford apparently also told her "we don't want to debate legalities anymore".

Will Trudeau be forced to resign?

They were part of this self-appointed feminist prime minister's obsession with gender balance. Wilson-Raybould was moved to a different cabinet post in January, and resigned last month.

"A minister must always be prepared to defend other ministers publicly, and must speak in support of the government and its policies".

"This is a spectacular blow to the government" said Nelson Wiseman, a political science professor at the University of Toronto. The Privy Council clerk also challenges Wilson-Raybould's assertion that solicitor-client privilege prevents her from responding to allegations.

True, but the new facts and arguments senior Liberals threw at Wilson-Raybould for four months a year ago after she told them she had made up her mind all seemed to be political arguments and threats against her keeping her cabinet post - not new legal arguments. The order specifically notes, however, that she can not speak publicly about communication she had with Kathleen Roussel, the director of public prosecutions.

"Unfortunately, the evidence of efforts by politicians and/or officials to pressure the former Attorney General to intervene in the criminal case involving SNC-Lavalin, and the evidence as to the content of those efforts have raised serious concerns for me", Philpott wrote.

In his letter Scheer alleges that Trudeau contravened Section 423.1 (1) of the Criminal Code "by conduct with the intent to provoke fear in the attorney general". Singh calls for a public inquiry into the scandal. Will the Liberal majority on that committee allow Ms. Philpott to testify?

March 1 - Trudeau makes longtime MP Lawrence MacAulay his new veterans-affairs minister as part of a minor cabinet shuffle. All three express support for Trudeau. She took a decision, I respect her decision.

Trudeau's troubles with SNC-Lavalin started last month when the Globe and Mail reported that Trudeau and other government officials inappropriately tried to interfere with a decision by former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould not to offer a plea deal to the company in order to help it avoid a trial and possible criminal conviction on corruption charges. He is once again without a president of Treasury Board.

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