Galaxy Fold already has two foldable successors in the works

Models present Samsung Electronics Co.'s new smartphone the Galaxy S10 during an event held at SK Telecom Co.'s headquarters in Seoul

Huawei joins bendable devices trend, revealing its Mate X foldable phone

LEGO just trolled Samsung by releasing its own take on the foldable phone. It also technically has better specs than the Galaxy Fold, with a 5-inch front cover (Samsung's front screen is 4.6) and a whopping 11-inch inside measurement (to Samsung's 7.3).

The vertically folding device is reportedly planned for an unveiling either late this year or early next year. An in-display fingerprint sensor may also be incorporated into the foldable lineup.

A spokeswoman for Suwon, South Korea-based Samsung declined to comment on plans for new foldable phones.

Samsung can now produce approximately 2.4 million foldable display a year.

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Samsung has sold 20 percent more of the Galaxy S10 on the first day of sales compared to the S9, the company announced. They're trying to eliminate a crease that appears on the panel after it's been folded about 10,000 times, and Samsung is considering offering free screen replacements after releasing the product, one of the people said. Samsung hasn't estimated how long the Fold's batteries will last, nor has it allowed anyone to handle or test out the device.

It's entirely possible you're starting to experience some foldable phone fatigue; perhaps you distrust the "future" tech companies are selling to you with these fancy, borderline gimmicky devices. The Galxy Fold has the screen inside while the Mate X's display faces outside.

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