Facebook Messenger's dark mode is unlocked by a fun emoji Easter egg

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Facebook Messenger has a dark mode: Here’s how to enable on iPhone, Android smartphones

While WhatsApp users have always been craving for dark mode, the parent company Facebook has introduced the much-awaited feature to its messenger app. Some users got to experience the dark mode in messengers app in September. It will provide you with the shortcut to setting and there, you can toggle on the dark mode.

Once you do that, you'll get a message indicating that you've unlocked the feature, and you can enable dark mode by tapping Turn On In Settings. In the meantime, you can use the Easter Egg to make dark mode work on Facebook Messenger. It is important to note here that it can't be the moon emoji with the face, it should be the left-facing, crescent moon emoji. This will let you know that you have successfully unlocked the feature and it can be toggled On or Off within the app's settings menu.

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To do this, tap on the message you'd like to retract and and select 'Remove for Everyone'. As long as you chose the correct one, moon emoji will start falling down on your screen. The social media platform has been teasing the dark mode launch for months following plans to completely overhaul the app. Whereas, some users were so lucky that they have reported instances of a pop-up window that enabled Messenger's dark mode for them.

Dark mode comes with a warning that some parts of the interface might look odd, but everything looked pretty normal to me. If you don't see it, try updating your app and trying again.

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